Memory Voltage and Timings?

Okai so i bought a new rig and made it
Apevia x cruiser
Radeon X1950XT 256mb
Corsair 520HX

1) Voltage
Know i go onto bios >MB intelligent tweaker (MIT) > system voltage optimized > DDR2 over voltage control (+0.2v)

as you can see it says (+0.2v) i know nothink about RAM but on newegg the ram i have says "Voltage 1.8V - 2.0V"
so do i need to change the voltage to say 1.8 or 1.9? i am not overclocking i just want what it says lol but i am guessing it want damage cpu gpu ram or my computer what so ever?

So you can see why i am asking this because at the moment it says voltage is on +0.2v and newegg says needs 1.8-2.0 and on newegg reviews people says 1.9v

2) Timings
Id like to know what my timings are at the moment to see if it is on 5-5-5-15, if i need to change how do i go about doing this?

3) CPU voltage
This is nothink to do with RAM but im putting it on here so i dont make two threads;

should my ram be using "Voltage 0.962V-1.350V"? and how can i check if it is?
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  1. 1) The board should give the ram 1.8v automatically, so work out the additions from there...... might run on 1.8v, but if its unstable then just increase the +0.1v, etc until it's stable.

    2) Not familiar with that BIOS, but for the timings settings look for 'chipset config', 'spd timings' or something similar. Basically just go into every sub-menu in your bios until you find the numbers you are looking for!:-)

    3) Not sure what the stock voltage is for that CPU, but if the motherboard hasn't set it correctly automatically I would be very surprised.
  2. On the main page, hit alt+F1 or ctrl+F1 (not sure which). But it should let you mess with ram timings when you go back into the MIT.
  3. Download and run memtest86+ to make sure your RAM is working fine. Download and run CPU-Z and/or PC Wizard 2007 to see what speed your CPU is running, what is programmed into your RAM's SPD, what speed the RAM is actually running at, etc.
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