Are the monitors from Korea any good?

I was thinking of getting one of those Pixel Perfect monitors from Korea and have read good things about them. next month I will have a GTX 680 are games playable at 1440P with the GTX 680? Can I down scale my games to like 1200p or is the 2560x1440 fixed? I also hear I can't watch protected content on these monitors, I watch a ton of Hulu and Netflix so this might be a deal killer but I hear they are so vivid and amazing looking it makes up for the lack of protected content support. I might get the Monitor I linked to if those monitors from Korea are no good. I would perfer playable over pretty so all in all which would be a better buy? :??:
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  1. Your post contuses me. You are linking to a 1920 x 1080 monitor. you mention a 2560x 1440 monitor. My buddy has an Asus PB278Q at 2560 x 1440 (got is last week). He loves it. But for 1920x1080 the story is different. I have a cheapie Asus at the low resolution and it is fine. But you can't change the aspect ratio, or things don't look right. So if you change the horizontal to 1200, the vertical will be smaller by the same relative amount.

    As for the other Korean monitors, I hear they use the slightly lower quality "class B" panels, but I've never been able to find anyone that could explain what that means. Only that they are the ones not used by the top monitor makers.

  2. Sorry about that. What I meant was is if games are playable at 2560x1440p. I won't buy one of those 2k monitors if I wont be able to max my games out at playable FPS. The link to the 1080p monitor is my second choice if 2k gaming isn't really playable with max settings minus AA.
  3. I was also wondering if I can play my games at 1200p and have my desktop at 2560x1440. Will games look right if do that or do i have to play at 2560x1440 in oder for everything to look properly. I wouldn't mind having my monitor at 2560x1440 for stuff like movies and photo editing only and when I game just going with 1200p.
  4. Here is a 2k monitor I might buy if the playing protected content thing really is crappy. by the time I buy it it might go back up to $759 dollars but oh well guess that's just how it is.
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