im planning to buy a webcam

i'm planning to buy a webcam, which do you guys prefer:

a4tech PK-130MG or creative live! cam video IM pro

for those who have experience these products, i'd be glad to hear your comments. both are USB 2.0 and 1.3mega pixel. which has a better lens?

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  1. They're both very similar, I'd have to say Creative would be a better product though.
  2. thanks. im getting confused with these two.

    do you have any experience regarding any products' video frames over YM?

    why do you think creative would be a better product?
  3. I don't have experience working with either of them, but in general I would regard Creative as a better manufacturer.
  4. Grrr pls dont post this is CPU and hardware again the new THG forum are much better organised, and BTW the Creative is better
  5. sorry about that. im looking for the right forum but can't figure where to put this thread. there are no threads for peripherals, so i guessed "other components" would be it.

    thanks for the replies.
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