Budget(ish) gaming pc.

I'm building a new system (and robbing a few bits from my old - master hdd & dvd rw drive), so here is what I have come up with, could you guys run your trained eyes over my first build (just to check compatibility, make suggestions etc.)

Ok, so lets start with my mobo:

Asus M2R32-MVP

http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Motherboards/Socket+AM2+(AMD)/+Asus+ M2R32-MVP+Socket+AM2?productId=25187


AMD X2 6000+

https://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/CPUs+%2F+Processors/AMD/Athlon +64+X2+Socket+AM2/AMD+Athlon+64+X2+6000+Retail+AM2+?productId=26636

Gra phics card:

(sapphire OR asus - which is better guys?) HD2900XT

http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Graphics+Cards/PCI-E/ATI+290 0+Series/Sapphire+ATi+Radeon+HD+2900XT+512MB+PCI-E+?productId=27141

Cas e:

Aspire X-Cruiser Black ATX Windowed Gaming Case



Hiper 530W Black Type M PSU



2X Kingston 1GB PC2-5300

http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Memory/DDR2/DDR 2+667+%28PC5300%2F5400%29/+Kingston+2GB+kit+667MHz+DDR2?productId=23581

Slave HDD:

80GB Samsung

https://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Hard+Drives/Serial+ATA/80GB+ Samsung+SATAII+8MB+?productId=24012

I know its a lot, but any advice/info given greatly appreciated.
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  1. P.s. I would like to run the the following games at as high as possible quality:

    Battlefield (1942, 2, 2142)
    UT 3
    possibly MS flight sim X

    Also will probably be multitasking alot, with programs like:

    Windows media player
    macromedia suite (dreamweaver, fireworks, flash - probably at most only 2 of these at once)
    possibly google sketch-up as well

    and one more thing - will the components I have chosen work with a ubuntu studio partition?
  2. well, for maximum performance, low latency (CAS 4) DDR2 800 is best for AMD processors. Another thing is that you should probably invest in a higher quality PSU from a company like FSP, corsair, OCZ etc.

    Sapphire and Asus are both good companies, I've had a couple of Sapphire cards with no problems.
  3. thanks for the reply, sorry to add another question, but do you think that a 530W psu will be enough for this system?
  4. Ok, I am now thinking I might get Geil Ultra 2gb ddr2 ram instead - would this make a huge difference? is it worth the extra?
  5. I wouldn't buy Geil Ram, it's very cheaply made. All 4 sticks I bought failed.
  6. The Geil RAM I've bought has worked just fine.
  7. Buy an Intel E4400 and Gigabyte 965P-S3.
    OC the E4400 to 3.0 Ghz (This is not an aggressive OC for this chip.)

    It will cost far less money and destroy your current build.
    Even if you OC'd the X2 6000+ since it does not OC like the E4400.

    Also with the E4400, there is no need to upgrade the RAM since DDR2-667 is great with the E4400.

    So not only do you spend less for the Mobo and CPU, but you do not need to upgrade the RAM.
  8. Well, I'm now thinking of getting a E6750, although having trouble finding a sustainable mobo for under £50 (although I may be setting my sights to high, as I would like a quad ready board, and wouldn't mind - although don't realy mind if I don't have - esata)

    preferably an asus board again too.
  9. The E6750 will definately require DDR2-800 Ram for an OC.
    You likely even want DDR2-1066 RAM so you can be push the chip to top performance. It could "idle" at 3.17Ghz with DDR2-800 when it has the potential of about 4.0Ghz.

    You will also likely want a good P35 Mobo so you know that FSB speeds will not be an issue.

    The newer Intel Chips need very fast ram to meet their potential.

    The E4400 can yield peroformance very close to any of the older C2D chips and hit that with simple DDR2-667 RAM which is why I suggested taht combo.

    To hit a whole new level, you will need DDR2-1066 or DDR2-800 that can OC will beyond its rated speed. The E6550 will likely not even match a E4400 unless you get it DDR2-1066 but then it will beat it soundly when OC'd to about 3.7Ghz. The E6750 will top close to 4.0Ghz with that some memory.
  10. Ok spec to date (revised):

    Intel E6750

    ASUS p5k

    Sapphire HD2900XT

    Aspire X-Cruiser Black ATX

    Hiper 530W Black Type M

    80GB Samsung SATA II (slave - to be used as a games drive)


    Seagate 120Gb sata (master - already got all my files, OS etc.)


    Its looking better than my P4 presshot system anyway! (i know, both 775 boards, although I can probably recoup about 3rd of the cost by selling my old system, so I have to speculate to acumilate, also p5k is quad compatible so when Wolfdale & Yorkfield come out I can upgrade - If i want to)
  11. you might want to consider getting an 8800 gts 640mb instead of the hd2900xt cos it has as good performance for probably less money (if you shop around) and also it will eat less power. And i would highly reccomend getting a bigger power supply than 530 watt. 530 watt MIGHT be fine but you wont know till its built so it could cost you an extra $100 for a replacement power supply if it all goes wrong, it might actually save you money in the long run to spend a bit more on the psu now (i speak from personal experience on this one)
  12. I think the hd2900xt is better than the gts (according to the charts - I want to be able to play crysis with as high as possible detail).

    I have tried several calculators and everything looked ok with the AMD - so the intel should be fine.


  13. I've been thinking about the PSU, I think I need to bump up the spec on that, so here is what I have found:

    jeantech 700W storm


    OCZ 600W GameXStream SLI Ready PSU


    Will it run the 2900 well?

    Which is better?
  14. does any body know about which psu to get?
  15. You should be fine with the OCZ 600W for your setup. I would get it, if it fits the budget.
  16. yeah, i can just stretch to it, although the jeantech seems a good price (and its branded + modular, although I dont know too much about them)
  17. Yeah, got stung on an Antec PSU that came in my Sonata II, within reason, get a good PSU and just keep it for as long as possible. Unclean power, noise, and HDD problems are tricky to diagnose if you have a crap PSU. Also, pay attention to the AMPS on the 12v rails (add them together). More AMPS is better. If your GFX card doesn't have enough juice your system will sporadically restart and artifact. Hope this helps.
  18. Ok, im now going to get a corsair 620W PSU, that shouldn't give me any problems.
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