Zone Alarm Extreme de-activated anti-virus

I have a small network of 7 PCs plus server running MS Windows Server 2003. One station is VERY slow and Zone Alarm Extreme has turned off the anti-virus & anti-spyware checking. Stations all run XP Home.

It states that this can happen if the System Clock has been set forward (Not to my knowledge and it is right now) or Anti-Virus-spyware updates are turned off (no they are not).

This is driving me mad so any help greatly appreciated.

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  1. Zone Alarm has caused many problems with WinXP, try COMODO.
  2. Zone alarm is problem child. Try Avira or Avast antivirus with Malwarebytes! Best combo ever!
  3. Often times AV's don't play nice together. They can see each other as threats and try to disable each other.

    My favorite combo, is Avira for live protection and internet security, with Malwarebytes to scan and remove any infections.
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