Various software suffering from weird glitch

Hello everyone. I am having a problem with both frostwire and Yahoo SiteBuilder. The former I no longer use, but the latter is something that I work with on a weekly basis. A weird glitch has been plaguing them both and causing a great amount of frustration as I can get no work done. Especially when I need to work on my website. You can watch the video of the glitch below:

I have tried 5 different drivers, and two different GPUs. So I doubt those are the cause. Frostwire had always suffered from this glitch, but it is new for Yahoo SiteBuilder.

System specs:

Vista Ultimate 64-bit
RAM: 8 GB DDR2 Kingston HyperX
HDD: 2 TB Caviar Black Wester Digital
GPU: 8800 GT (tested, out of computer currently) and GTX 560 Ti 448 Core (installed)
PSU: Corsair GS700
MB: EVGA 780i
CPU: 8400 clocked at 4.05 GHz
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  1. Try running the PC speed at stock.
  2. Didn't work. I also decided to try running the programs in Windows XP, 32-bit (same computer). The results were the same.
  3. Check with Yahoo support?
  4. I have looked over their support area, I have found nothing like it. Its not just Yahoo, but some other software as well.

    However, I loaded the program up on my laptop with integrated Intel graphics, and it works just fine. So I'm guessing its an incompatibility with either nVidia drivers or maybe some other reason (maybe Java is behind it, who knows).
  5. Ah, you first said it was just that program and one other which was in the same class.

    Does look like it's the drivers, although odd that a current card that issues like that. I know nVidia has an unfixed bug where it turns Office into looking like it's running on Windows 3.1. Only affect office though, every other program looks like, in Office, even the close/minimize buttons look like they are from 3.1
  6. Yeah. I'll do some more trouble shooting and report back here. If it is the drivers, I'm hoping nVidia will have a way for me to submit the problem for them to work on it.
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