Computer has mind of it's own

My Desktop has developed a mind of its own scrolling through its menu's without assistance and the keyboard types wrong letters in yahoo.
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  1. well, either you have a strange virus, or your keyboard is messed up.

    I would try a different keyboard and mouse and see if that solves your problem
  2. See if this helps with your scrolling problem.
    Right or left click your pointing device, bottom right hand side task bar / notification area - Device Settings tab - Settings - Select Vitual Scrolling & double click it. Have a play with it until you find a setting that you are happy with.
    You probably should check Sensitivity too.

    The keyboard problem is a little dicey though.
    Try this fix and let me know if it helps any!
    Just hold the "fn" key and the "numlock" key at the same time.

    I hope these solution are able to help you out. Keep me posted on how it goes!

    Brett M,
    Windows Outreach Team
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