When browsing sites, and go back to previous page, it jumps?

Ok so this is really annoying, I don’t remember this always happening.

If I am on a webpage, and click a link, and then press to go back to the previous page, it loads the page from the top then Jumps to the previous location. I want it to go directly to the previous location.

I have tried several browsers and 2 PCs. And it still does it.

Here is a video if you don’t understand what I am referring to.


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  1. Browsers have done that as far as I can remember. I think the real issue is that the page must completely load before it jumps, and it takes so much longer to completely load many pages due to the many advertisements, Facebook/Twitter apps, etc. And these extra items are marked as non-cacheable, so they must be reloaded each time the page is displayed.
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