Help! e4300 going nowhere on gigabyte 965G-DS3

OK - this is driving me nuts and I'm hoping someone can help me.

Setup: e4300, Gigabyte GA-965G-DS3, Corsair 6400-C4 twinx, cooler-master hyper tx.

In the BIOS, I have followed numerous guides and simply cannot get my computer to boot past an FSB of a fairly lowly 270. My setting are:
Robust Graphics: Auto
Clock Ratio: x9
CPU Host Clock Control: Enabled
CPU Host Freq: 270
PCI-E freq: 100
CIA2: Disabled
System Memory Multipler 2.00
Memory setting 5-5-5-15
Everything else on Auto
DDR2 is at +0.2
PCIE: normal
GMCH: normal
FSH overvoltage: normal
CPU Voltage 1.35v

I have also disabled C1E, EIST.

So - I'm clearly not stressing my ram which can I've tested and can run quite comfortably at 5-5-5-15 at DDR2-900 speeds.

If I go one FSB above 270, my system won't boot. I have tried raising the volts up even gradually to 1.45 with no luck. I have also done minor raises to the other voltage settings with no difference.

I tried lowering the multiplier to 8x but the FSB wouldn't go abot 270. I've tried going to much higher levels as well like 300 but this doesn't work.

Does anyone have an idea of what's going on?

Any help much appreciated.

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  1. I think the system memory multiplyer should be 1.00
  2. Yeah, you are in fact stressing your RAM.
    You have it clocked to DDR2-1080 Speeds.

    270x2(memory ratio)x2(Double Pumped)=1080
  3. yep, theres your problem...
  4. Hi there - thanks for your replies. Unfortunately, the x2 multiplier is the lowest multipler on the gigabyte - it takes into account the DDR2 multiplication. So 270 FSB is actually rated by the motherboard (and on cpu-id) as DDR2- 540 on a x2 multiplier. To demonstrate, I've currently got the multipler at x3.33 on 270 FSB which is giving me a ram speed of nearly 900 and it's comfortable at these speeds.

    What I want to do is obviously increase the fsb (at which point I'll lower the multiplier). I just keep running into the problems listed above.

    Any ideas?
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