HIS x1650 AGP not working


I purchased the his x1650turbo 512 megs ddr3 agp card 2 weeks ago. I wasnt able to pop it in until now and its not working. I un-installed previous nvidia drivers from my 6600gt, swapped the card, booted the system up, and installed the latest drivers from ati.com. When I try to load farcry i get a critical exception error or the game loads and the graphics glitch up and it freezes. on COD 2 it runs for a minute or 2 then i get an error that says "save device" or the game freezes. on HL2 the game runs for about 30 seconds and locks up, sometimes it is at a loading zone and sometimes it isnt. FEAR locks up after 5 seconds. card has not been OC'ed by me.

Any Ideas?

Idle card temp is 52-55 C on the ICEQ COOLER and 65-70C in games.

system specs are:

amd 64 3200+
1 gig ddr400
550 psu with 2x 18amp 12volt rails
x1650xt agp
120gig hd
dvd drive
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  1. Assuming that you did connect the power connection to the card, I would say that your PSU may not have enough amps.


    One of the reviews says that the card need 19amps on the 12v rails and thats for the PCI-e version. Might want to check the power reqs, but as I don't have time too look them up I would think they wouldn't be much different.
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