RAID 10 v RAID 1 : how much faster?

I want to set up an NAS RAID connected with gigabit ethernet.

I need to decide whether to spend the money for a RAID 10 (I'm looking at a Buffalo TeraStation Pro),
Or to go simply with a RAID 1 (perhaps a D-Link DNS-323).

My question: How much faster would the RAID 10 be?

One person I spoke with recently suggested that it would only be about 10% faster... and I'm not sure that this would justify the added expense and complexity of the RAID 10.

I do computer graphics work so speed and capacity are important.

Would love to hear thoughts, advice, etc.

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  1. I'm certainly no expert, but unless I'm confused, a 1000Mbps network connection operating at 100% speed provides a 125 MB/s connection.

    Modern hard drives have sustained read rates of around 75 MB/s, and sustained write rates of 90MB/s.

    How much improvement you get probably depends on the quality of the gigabit ethernet connection, the quality of the drives, and the quality of the RAID controller.
  2. The gigabit ethernet connection and the drives themselves would be the same regardless, (I'm building the network and buying the drives). So that reduces our variables down to just the RAID itself.

    As for quality of the RAID controller.... that's the piece of the puzzle I am trying to select.

    I could go for a Buffalo TeraStation Pro (or something similar) with 4 drives and configure it as a RAID 10. Or I could go for a 2 drive DLINK DNS-323 and set it up as a RAID 1.

    What I'm not sure about is how drastic the performance boost is for that extra $1K or so.

  3. Try a RAID5 as a happy medium.
  4. A lot of my work is 3D rendering with applications like Maya and mental ray. Folks elsewhere on this board have mentioned that RAID 5 isn't good for heavy workloads with lots of transactions...

    On the other hand the flexibility of Infrant's XRAID is really attractive.

    Would RAID 5 be a mistake for 3D rendering?
  5. I realized that this 3d rendering question probably belonged in a different thread. so i put it here:
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