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I have 2ea x1600pro ATI Radeon 512mb pci-ex cards and after much research have found conflicting data. I know an internal connection is not required but am curious about the external connector and where to find (no connector came w/ card or mobo other than single vga to dvi adapters) I have found that I need a dms59 (male) connector that connects directly to primary and the adjacent dvi (male) connector goes to the secondary and the third dvi (female) would go to monitor. I have also read that no external connector for these cards are needed. I know that in catylist the crossfire section is not available. I have updated mobo bios, ati driver etc. any suggestions

ECS P965T-A V1.0
Intel E6600
Corsair Twin XMS 2GB
2ea x1600pro ATI Radeon 512mb pci-ex
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  1. You do not need the dongle for the X1600Pro it uses the PCIe lanes.

    You just need to make sure your MoBo supports the X1600Pro properly.

    Check out this chart for a quick example, it shows the recommended configurations, how they connect, and what mobo they recommend all in a nice little chart;

    PS, looks like your MoBo is not on their list for X1600 support, but I'd e-mail ATi if I were you just to see if it's at all possible with a driver or bios update or something, or whether it's an issue with the lane configuration of the MoBo.
  2. According to ECS it is supported, so now I'm more confused. INthe device manager, it shows the 2 primary and 2 secondary cards and in catalyst the primary card shows up as digital, but the enable crossfire button is not available. The common problems (per ATI) are improper install, invalid driver and unsupported hardware. I have checked all and tried multiple versions of catalyst/drivers ensuring clean install with Zone Alarm off. I appreciate your help though.
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