Netgear wireles router is realy slow compared to my linksys

This is an odd and I hope I can get some assistance here before I pull my hair completely out. I have two wireless routers ( 1) Main router - Netgear Rangemax WPN824, 2) Linksys WRT54GS)

My cable modem is directly connected to the Netgear (which is upstairs on one end of my house. The Linksys is downstairs on the other end of my house. The Netgear is set up as my DHCP router with an address of and my linksys has a local IP address of

DHCP addresses start @ so no conflicts. In my tests, I can be in the same room as my Netgear with Excellent signal and a speed of 54 mbps and have slow connection. It's about non-existent it's that slow. I take the laptop and move closer to my Linksys router and BAM, fast as lighning (or at least what I would expect as far as speed goes.) My Netgear uses channel 11 and my linksys uses channel 5 both with the same SSID of course. Why is my laptop having major speed issues with the Netgear and not Linksys?

My wireless linksys router is connected via LAN through the wall which ultimately goes back to an available Netgear port. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.
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  1. Can you detect neighbouring wifi networks on any channels such as 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 -- because intereference can be caused by any network within five channels of yours.
  2. I see many other wi fi networks when I choose "View Available Networks". Not sure what channel they are on. I feel a wifi lesson coming on.
  3. Concentrate, now, this is important.

    Find the strongest neighbouring channels and select a new channel for your Netgear that is 5 channel away from them.

    Your wifi adapter's utilities (or Windows) should tell you all you need to know --- or you could download NetworkStumbler which does a more thorough job (though it doesn't work with all adapter chipsets).

    I would suggest you download the router manual which should show how to select a new channel.
  4. I know how to choose a different channel on my router. This is how I was able to make my Netgear router channel 11 and my linksys channel 5. I am letting Windows configure my wireless connection. How do I see which channels are possibly interferring with my Netgear? Through Windows, I do not see which channels my "neighbors" are on.
  5. downloaded NetworkStumbler...very cool. I noticed that my linksys has the SPI firewall turned off and my Netgear does not. I'll try turning that off and seeing if it helps.
  6. Denial of Service (DOS) protection sometimes causes a slowdown.
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