Buy HD 2900xt or not???

hi guys...this is the first time im posting in there....i am on the verge to upgrade my pc...and was wondering which graphics card to buy...should i go for HD 2900xt???have read the cards initial reviews when it launched were not that good...but then been reading around forums that with new ATI drivers its performance is increasing....?

also should I upgrade now or hold back my upgrade since new cards are launching???

cause right now...i need to upgrade my card...HDD...basically everything...

my current config:
Amd Athlon 1.8ghz
2 gb corsair ram
BFG 6800 gt OC
120 GB HDD

planning to get Intel Core2Duo@e4300
2-4 gb mushkin ram
XFX mobo
and seagate 300gb HDD

now im stuck with wat to do bout the graphics card...
do i go for the expensive HD 2900xt.... or 8800gts or settle down for x1950 pro for now and later when new series come...go for them?

all help is really appreciated....thanks in advance...
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  1. 2900xt and 8800gts are both good , i say get them instead of x1950, but if u want to upgrade soon again , then get x1950 and upgrade to 89xx series
  2. Personally i would wait for the next round of cards and see how they perform,it is common knowledge that you can wait as long as you like there will still be something around the corner but with something like new generation graphics i really do think some caution is appropriate the next lot of cards are supposed to be out around november ish and as they are the second round of cards in a new gen ie DX10 cards there should be some significate improvement in my opinion.
    Its up to your wants and needs really,can you wait or are you aching to get a new comp now if you want it now then there is nothing wrong with getting a new system and putting a 1950 in it to start and like you say upgrade it later.doing it this way will give you some breathing room to check reviews when they are released.
    Evga do a step up programe where you get 90 days to upgrade paying only the difference between purchase price,you would need to be sure you wanted another one of there cards and not a 2900 and also be sure when the next cards were coming out but its worth considering :)
  3. I wouldn't spend 300+ on a 2900/8800 when MS is releasing DX10.1 which neither card is capable of.

    2950/89xx series cards will be DX10.1 compatible and will be here, supposedly before the end of the year.

    Up to you though, new tech and software updates are always around the corner making something obsolete.
  4. It is a tough decision, but I think you should consider what games you want to play and how soon. If you will be playing Bioshock, for example, I have heard the 1950 cards do quite well. But if you are looking to play the next wave of games (UT3, Assassin's Creed, etc.) you may want to wait a bit and see if the new cards interest you.

    If you want a card now, the 2900 should suit you well as it scores quite well against the 8800 gts especially with the driver upgrades. The reviews mostly don't take those upgrades into account.
  5. DX10.1 isnt really an issue unless you must have the cutting edge stuff all the time all the games will be backwards compatable we dont have dx10 games yet lets not be worrying people about dx10.1 just yet :)
  6. DX10 games are out, or haven't you looked at BioShock?

    When will DX10.1 be out? Don't know for sure, but MS has said soon.

    When will DX10.1 compatible video cards be out? Supposedly the next gen cards are supposed to be 10.1 compatible.

    If I am going to upgrade something that is going to cost 400 bucks today, I don't want to have to spend another 400 bucks in 6 months, when I could have just waited 6 months for the new cards.

    You should try to plan, somewhat, ahead when building your rig, you don't want it obsolete yesterday when you just got the parts from UPS today. Though we all know that tech does go obsolete that fast...

    Still planning ahead, and getting a cheaper card now, that will play what you want now, then upgrading to a better card later is cheaper than upgrading to the best now and then bumping up later.

    Games will come out for 10.1 and patches will be done.

    Seems just last year everyone was complaining that games don't use 2 processors why would anyone want a quad, and this year everyone is getting a quad..

    I say wait on the video card, till the next gen cards arrive. Buying a x19xx series card or a 79xx series card will last till then and save you a lot of money in upgrading later.
  7. I honestly think that the 2900 or 8800 GTS will be able to handle any new game that is coded well for the next 2 years at a reasonable resolution. You'll just have to turn down the eye candy as newer more power hungry games come out. Hell, I can even play Bioshock at pretty decent settings at 1024x768 with a two to three year old 6800GT.
  8. As an HD2900XT owner, I can tell you i'm pretty happy with the card. As others have mentioned, playing the waiting will only get you one place: eternally waiting for the next best thing. This is slightly different in the fact that the next revision of cards are coming soon, so waiting may not be a bad idea. I've never been the one to need the best of the best, so, if you are then wait. If not, upgrade to which ever you prefer.

  9. So scubageek i dont know but is Bioshock coded totaly in dx10 or is it like Crysis which is basicaly going to be dx9 sprinckled with dx10 effects?
    I beleive my point is still valid even if there is 1 dx10 game out how old are the 8800 series ie how long did we have to wait?
    I personally opted to skip the whole first gen dx10 thing and planned my next system for the next gen or revised cards knowing that the Games just were not there.
    Similaly with the dual core thing ther are valid reasons for not getting a quad core yet while a dual core now seems to be essential for good performance.There are different ways of coding for dual cores some are better for dual and some suit quad core better fine and course threading i think they are called but dont quote me and there is also a heat transferance issue as well.
    Definatly as you say put a bit of forward planning in to it get a decent psu that can handle a bit more than you plan to throw at it and above all get a MOBO that will take a quad when they are more usable and accepts the latest ddr of ram so that when that comes down in price or becomes norm you can upgrade that as well then there is the pcie 2 issue(something else that wont be an issue for a while) any of these issues in my book are more important than having a card that will run MSs next money spinning device Dx will always be backwards compatable and so will the games.
  10. its also important to consider that its gona be atleast 18months before the first exclusively dx10 game is released.with that in mind,im buying a 2900.maybe in 6 months time when prices come down illl get another for will even be able to run 3 ati cards in crossfire,with one acting as a physics long as you have a 1000w+ power supply,haha
  11. I don't think any you listed are a really bad decision. The 2900 is hot, power hungry and a little pricey but it looks very good in action.
  12. I believe AMD is making it so that people will be able to do quadfire and put 4 power hungry graphics beast in their machine.
  13. still confused like ****.....

    mmm could u guys suggest whether my planned config is good enough to last for like couple of years or so:

    planning to get Intel Core2Duo@e4300
    2-4 gb mushkin ram
    XFX mobo
    and seagate 300gb HDD

    also which mobo would be good in terms of if i get quardo n stuff....and also if the ram changes....?do gimmie ur stuggested config too...thanks in advance...:)
  14. GIGABYTE : P35 DS3R ( Supports DDR2) , P35C DS3R(Both DDR2 and DDR3)

    ASUS : ASUS P5K-E pr ASUS P5KC , the first one supports DDR2 and the second one supports both DDR2 and DDR3,

    45nm cpu support :

  15. That is very confusing. Playing the waiting is painfull but consider now that Windows Vista isn't The One OS that has DX10 problems and deals poorly with memory. I suggest you to keep your money by now until DX10.1 or DX11 whatsoever and get one of the next generation cards.
  16. oh and if you happen to have a 400w PSU then it won't survive
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