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Windows Firewall turns off at or before reboot

Hello, Windows firewall turns off at reboot. This never happened when I was paying for Norton Antivirus. But now I am running Malwarebytes and Panda Cloud Antivirus. I removed Super Spyware - but that has not resolved the problem with the Wfirewall turning off. I've updated my programs using Secunia PSI and am 100% updated.

All three security programs tell me I am clean and reveal nothing to explain the firewall turning off. I can not find anything in my event viewer log to identify it either. I am not running windows one care and i am not running another firewall, so far as I know. I turned off all of my firewall exceptions - and rebooted - again firewall was turned off at start up.

So, what's turning off my windows firewall?
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    one of the programs you listed is turning the firewall off.
    you do not need both Malwarebytes and SuperSpyware together, they do the same things..
  2. Anti malware complete suite includes firewall (like symantec "norton" antivirus) that will turn off the windows firewall, instead it will use it's own firewall to protect you from threats. You don't need lots of anti virus to protect your PC.
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