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Yesterday I formatted my HP Pavilion Laptop and this morning many of my Korean programs are coded with symbols.
I cannot read the text on the shortcuts and when using the program. The font looks like this:

¾¾³×¶ô ¹«·á¹®ÀÚ

How can I fix this??
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  1. Formatting means erasing your hard disk, so you must have then installed an Operating System. What did you install, and where did you get the disk from? Was it a Korean language version of the Operating System?
  2. Oh, I just had this computer tech guy format my laptop because something was wrong with the system. I guess he didn't do a very good job then. hmmm. So it would be a problem with the OS language version that was installed? Isn't there a way just to configure the language on my laptop? ah. I appreciate you effort helping me. thanks.
    But I still don't have the best answer.

    I live in Indonesia.
  3. I think you need to take it back to the guy and ask him to set it up correctly for you. You should also make sure that he installs a legal copy of the OS, not a pirated one. Windows comes in different versions to support different languages and it sounds like you either have a version that doesn't support Korean or else it is wrongly configured.

    When you pay someone to do a job of work for you they have certain obligations to do it correctly. Take the computer back to him.
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