abit ip35-e or gigabyte p35 ds3r

Hi guys, I'm new to building computers... this will be my first and a half computer (first computer I only put the parts together, cousin did wiring and adjusted settings)

I'm about to buy one of these boards, my local hardware store is having a sale and I can grab both of them for around $100-100. I game medicorely, and multitask a lottttt, so I'll be looking to OC a bit at first. I have the E6750 and 2gb of Crucial ballistix ddr2 800 ram. I want to try and get this to at least 3.0ghz without making the temp increase a whole lot.

Also, I've read a few reviews about "double booting" with the abit.. will that hurt me in the long run? i.e maybe hd dying faster? And when I'm installing the CPU and RAM, would I be good to go and install xp right away, or would I have to adjust some settings first, like cpu and ram volts? I've seen a few cases where people said their's didn't boot without modifying it.

one last thing, when applying arctic silver 5, should I put a tiny dab and rub it through out the whole cpu or just put a dab and put heatsink over it?

thansk in advance
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  1. :non: You've already posted this elsewhere. At least here we know which motherboards... Go for the Gigabyte. They are both good, but aBit tried to get something cheaper and cut some corners. Their mobo is still good but it's not as good as the GA-P35-DS3R. There was a review somewhere that compared them in detail, sorry I forgot where it was.
  2. sorry, i was just looking for quick replies. I'm going tmr or on the weekend to pick one up. Do you remember where the review was? It'd be much appreciated.
  3. Can't find it...

    Look at this:

    The Gigabyte has some advantages. Some may be important to you.

    - GA-P35-DS3R accepts 8 SATA devices, not just 4. (I care, I already have 5 and I will have 8 eventually.)
    - better onboard audio for Gigabyte (who cares, I got an X-Fi anyway)
    - RAID support
    - COM/LPT ports - OK, this one is really irrelevant
    - higher quality parts - the GA is supposed to consume less and last longer
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