My monitor VGASave but the screen quality is below standard. what happened

Previously, for work, I had to add two additional monitors to expand from my laptop. That went off without a hitch, but unfortunately, after I disconnected the two extra monitors and used only my laptop screen, it would always start up with the screen resolution not as high as I would fix it too. Finally, I got exasperated with continuing having to open up the control panel and changing the screen resolution every time I turned on my laptop and decided to delete the two extra monitor options from my laptop.

Something went wrong.

I managed to delete one of the extra monitors, but I think I also accidentally deleted something vital in my laptop software because now my screen resolution is even WORSE than it was before but display settings show that it's at the highest resolution! I don't even have the multiple options between screen resolutions either. Now it's only either 800x600 pixels or 1024x768 pixels, but I repeat, the 1024x768 sure doesn't look like it did before! There's barely a difference between the two options!

Somebody help?

Also, before I did the deleting (which I'm totally regretting now), my primary monitor (my laptop monitor) wasn't named VGAsave. It was PNP Generic or something. I don't get it. Any help is appreciated and badly needed.
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  1. Do you still got that laptop disc that comes with it when you purchased the laptop?
    Insert it to the optical drive then look into video and install. If you loss the disc you can search it on the net - the laptop model is indicated at the bottom.
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