Need Help..My Cpu always shutdown..Pls..

Great guys, my CPu is working fine when i dont connect my DSL connection to my CPU, but when i connect my DSL connection to my CPU then use the internet, it shutdowns and never power up. i still have to pull the plug from the UPS and plug it again before it power on. i dont know what seems to be the problem. and sometimes also, when i connect my webcam and my printer to my cpu even when i didn't connect my DSL connection it also shutdown.
i really need help..thanks!

cant use my PC properly.. :cry:

here's my spec's

Pentium D 3.4 Ghz
Asus P5VD2- MX
512 MB DDR2 PC533
80 GB Seagate
LG DVD Writer
400 Watts PSU
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  1. First of all you're not connecting anything to the CPU, the CPU is the processor and it's inside the machine. You DSL is likely your Modem. Not being critical but you're using the wrong terminology, which is really confusing and makes it difficult to know what you're talking about. Is your Modem connected directly to you computer or is it connected to a router? The Modem is the box your ISP gave you.
  2. It sounds like power related problems.
    What is your Graphics card?
    Maybe you should use the eXtreme PSU calculator ( to see if 400 Watts if enough for your system.
    Is this a home-built system or a bought system? As those bought systems often have too weak PSUs and get problems about that.
  3. Sounds to me like a short in or behind the mobo's USB connectors.
  4. Check your equipment is earthed. If you don't have a DVM, you could have an electrician check house earth and computer is earthed.
  5. Thnaks guys for the replies, im very sorry for the wrong terminology, yes, my modem is connected directly to my computer.
  6. i think mm_vr is right
    imo your under powered and thats causing your problem.could you can take your box to a friends house and connect to the internet there? and see what least you could eliminate one possibility on what it could be .
    and what vid card do you have ??
  7. I would be more inclined to go on jtt283

    The extra power that a USB modem would draw would be neglegable and i dont think would cause the PSU to overload. It more likley a short on the USB controller/connectors... are you using the same port all the time? try a different port (front and back) and see if this resolves issue.

    One would also like to ask your DSL wont work yet you can post on toms?
  8. Onus said:
    Sounds to me like a short in or behind the mobo's USB connectors.

    I agree, some high speed modems would connect to the USB port so you wouldn't have to have an Ethernet port. Regardless The PC is getting shorted, or there is some type of short or power issue with the circuit that you’re plugging your devices into immortalsam2001. First try to connect everything on different circuits that you’re on in your building, if that doesn't help the problem then your computer is not in good shape.
  9. I seem to remember this question on a P5V motherboard, where the system will detect a usb current overflow and will shut down, if I remember this was fixed with by upgrading the BIOS
  10. could be a prob with your psu, that WAS my prob...fixed!Ü
  11. Great Guys form tomshardware..thanks for all the replies, ive got my PC fixed already..the problem was the PSU, after i've tried all your suggestions it turns out that the PSU is the problem..thank you great guys! this forums really helps alot!
  12. im also having the same prob my unit always shutdown by itself... i duno the prob T_T

    my computer specs is

    asus p5kpl-am EPU
    p4 3.0ghz
    4gb ram
    1gb VC
    500w PSU

    i realy appriciate the help ....
  13. o i forgot my HD is 320gb western sata
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