best motherboard for overclocking q6600

what is the undisputed absolute best (if there is one) motherboard for overclocking the q6600, or intels quad cores in general (including qx)? also, what is the best one in the nforce 680i category?
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  1. P35. Period.

    Evga 680i A1.
  2. any specific p35 board? maybe p5k deluxe?
  3. P5K Deluxe would be my choice if I wanted ASUS. Top of the P35 line.
  4. I have been very happy with my P5k Deluxe and Q6600. As a beginner overclocker, I was able to get to 3.4GHz without any trouble (heat is fine, stock voltage).
  5. I OC'd with great success with my Gigabyte P35-DS3R. Not nearly as pricey as the P5K Deluxe.
  6. akhilles said:
    P35. Period.

    Evga 680i A1.

    Asus p5w dh- deluxe is a sweet board im running a Intel confidential @3.8 ghz overclocked @1548 FSB right now with 8 gigs of corsair 800 MHz ram,running raid Zero on 2 500 gig western digital 7200 rpm. this chip goes on stable up to 1610 ish fsb then mobo screws up this is without liquid cooling chip runs at about 29.c full out .Veiwjohnnyclockins Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6400 @ 2963 Mhz 1512916 Mcs studios bench mark...
    Any questions pls write me @
  7. I recently got a Q6600 and wanted to buy a board for it. Can't find the P5k anywhere. I'm trying to keep my MB purchase below 125 and I was hoping for a firewire port. Want to overclock with air cooling to 3.4.
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