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i jst OC the E6750 to 2.8 with the following spec's. mobo is a asus p5n32-sli plus, Ram is ddr2 667 without oc'ing. fsb is at 400 with cpu multiplier of 7 while the vcore is at 1.35. NB is at 1.4v. all other's are in auto mode and all spectrum etc are disabled and the system is fully stable with the stock cooler.

as i read in toms site the cpu is capable of going to 3.0Ghz with the stock cooler. but when i tryed to put the 500fsb the bios inform me after rebooting that the system setting are not good so i have to go in to the bios. since the memory and the fsb is in unlinked mode i can't understand why i can't jst oc the cpu to run at 3.0Ghz with a FSB of 500 and the multiplier of 6. there is a similer thread to this(http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/244421-29-looking-advice-ocing-e6750) but using a different board but that person is going for 3.2Ghz mark. as i read in cheap thrills artuical 1.4 is the safe voltage for cpu core and 1.5 is ok for NB. i have put those values but still the bois runs the CPR and tells me to reset bois settings.

hope u guys could resolve this for me cos it seems My vga card (Asus 8800GTS) require a good cpu support for the best performance of it cos i read somehwere that the nvidia drivers realyies a lot on the cpu to perform well.!!!
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  1. IMO you might be better off raising you CPU multiplier to 8 with a FSB frequency of 375 and linking the memory and FSB again than what you're trying now.
  2. well becouse i'm upgrading the ram to DDR2 800Mhz (so the divider is 400Mhz) next week i thought going after my traget is the best for performance. of course i didn't mention that ( sorry).
  3. ok. 44 reads but only 1 true reply. obviously a bad thread. but i have decided to simply put the CPUM to 8 while maintainng a 400Mhz FSB.
    so the final oc will be 3.2Ghz. and then i'll try to find the stable lowest voltage for vcore and NB. the main reason is going for 500 fsb mark is only good for benchmarking s/w. no real gain for games which i'm interested in. this all so confermed by another atrical which i read' in tom's where they tested 1066 vs 1333. no big gain.

    so thank u Sparky6string for ur opinion.
  4. It could be multiple factors, hard to tell what's your holdup. I've got my 6750 @ 3.76 with 470x8 on a Gigabyte DS3R, but it wouldn't break 3.0 on a P5N-E SLI. Your MB should be able oc pretty well, so i'd say it's your ram. I've heard that the unlinked setting can be unstable. If you upgrade to some ddr2 800 ram that is capable of going ddr2 1000, you'll be golden. I'm using the patriot RAM that's sold as 800 but the SPD has a setting for 1000. It's at 940 right now. Maybe i could go higher, but I just haven't taken the time and don't really see the point as I can already play all of my games perfectly. Hope there is at least one helpful hint in my rambling.
  5. due to lack of h/w support for OCing in my country i can't go beyond some levels cos all the shops are not even thinking of getting highend stuff like highend ram. but highend vga's are plenty in stock or for that matter highend cpu. even when is comes to cooling i'm facing problemos
    like NB cooling stuff. but thanks for ur "rambling". i think i'm reaching my gtarget , jst need some more stabling in heat department or voltage
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