My mouse keeps double clicking

I bought the Razer Naga (wired) about a year ago and a common fault is for the left click to double click sometimes when released.

I've taken it apart and applied contact cleaner, it worked for a few weeks, double clicked again, I've repeated this process multiple times but it's progressively got worse and no longer fix's the mouse.
I've also updated the firmware which supposedly fixes the double click problem which is clearly mechanical!

my question is.

Is there a program out there to disable quick consecutive clicks?
that way I could just click a little slower without having to replace my mouse.

I use my naga sidebuttons for many games and just need an alternative solution till I can gather money to replace the darn thing.

Problems I've ecountered:
*closing windows closes the window behind it >.<
*closing tabs closes the tab to the right of it (within chrome)
*highlighting text unhighlights when released.
*moving windows maximizes them

any input appriciated.
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  1. Return the mouse dude, it's probably still under warranty.
  2. The thing is, I bought it not only a year ago, but from a private seller on eBay (new boxed though), I haven't a clue where I bought it from.
  3. You can change the double-click sensitivity in Windows but it will work for both buttons. Check with Razer for support for the mouse, you may not even need to contact whoever you bought the thing from.
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