Problem with Asus 8500gt?

Hi guys,
The other day I purchased a new motherboard (an asus m2v) and an 8500gt, also Asus.
Since installing them I've had issues with the computer freezing and bsod problems that point to the atkdisp file.

I haven't done a clean install of windows yet because I'm going to purchase a new hd for that today, but I did repair windows just in case that was causing the issue. I've scoured the net and it seems a lot of people are having the same issue. Some have resolved it by uninstalling Smartdoctor, but I don't even have that installed. I also have the latest nvidia drivers installed.

So I have a couple of questions...

1) Do you think this would be fixed with a new windows installation?
2) Do you think it has anything to do with the Asus mainboard, or is it more likely just the card?
3) If I return my asus card and replace it with another brand is this likely to solve the problem?

I've never had an issue building a computer before, but I usually purchase gigabyte boards and have never had an asus graphics card before. I was trying to save money but I should have just bought a better board and card to begin with. *sigh*

Any help will be appreciated :)
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  1. The most likely issue is that Windows still has drivers specific to your previous motherboard. The best way to resolve your issue is to do a fresh install.
  2. Ok thank you, ill try that this afternoon. I hope it works, i'm going mental here.
  3. Ok I have an update.

    I swapped my 8500 asus for an 8600gt gigabyte card and installed a new harddrive and a fresh copy of windows xp in the hopes that would fix the issue.

    It did... for about a night. Today I was sitting here and my computer froze while I was listening to music and browsing the net. It then did the little beep noise and that was that. I had to reset.

    So I don't know what's going on.

    I'm running:

    AMD dual core 4800+ am2 cpu
    2gig ram
    Asus m2v mainboard (i know, it's a cheapy)
    Gigabyte 8600gt
    80gig ide hdd
    160gig sata hdd
    a cd/burner
    two fans
    450watt Psu... i think it's a coolermaster? I'll have to check on that.

    I can't think of anything else to tell you.

    Could it be bios needing an update?
    I'm beginning to think it might be the mainboard because as far as I know everything is put together correctly.
    Could it be something as simple as a software issue?
    All my drivers are up to date. The only thing I can think of is the mainboard or maybe I don't have bios set up correctly? I've always bought gigabyte motherboards so this bios is a little different to what I'm used to.
    Could it be the PSU? Would that freeze my computer?

    This is driving me insane. I just want my computer to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Could be your RAM is bad. Download and run instances of MEMTest. Follow the instructions.

    While I have a very low opinion about Coolermaster PSUs, I don't think it is an issue since your system doesn't really use that much power.
  5. Thank you, I'll try the ram test...

    Im not sure it's the ram since I took it out of the hubbies computer and it was working fine in his. It's possible I damaged it putting it into the mainboard tho so I'll check just in case.

    Oh and another update... I've updated the mainboard and all the drivers for it and thought i'd fixed it... it lasted a day with no issues, then today while using photoshop and winamp it froze, unfroze, froze, unfroze and then just died.
    Damn it. I thought I had it fixed.
    Could it be the chipset in the mb overheating? I read that the m2v's are notorious for that but pcprobe is showing low temps.
  6. jaguarskx said:
    Could be your RAM is bad. Download and run instances of MEMTest. Follow the instructions.

    While I have a very low opinion about Coolermaster PSUs, I don't think it is an issue since your system doesn't really use that much power.

    Second that thought. Do you 1 or 2 sticks of memory? If you have 2, then try just using 1 at a time and see if that helps/fixes the problem. You might only have 1 bad stick of memory and you can isolate the issue(s) by just using the 1 stick at a time method. If it doesn't work on the first stick by itself, than pull it and install the other one. Also you might want to reset the BIOS to default settings to see if one of the settings is causing anything (not sure if this is really needed). I agree with the Coolermaster PSU's, but you might want to monitor the temperature of it during your testing. If the computer starts to freeze, just check the PSU temp with your hand away from the case (like checking to see if the burner is on, on a stove). You could get burned if it is too hot, so be careful.
  7. Ok last night I ran Memtest for at least an hour and there were no errors. I'm pretty sure it's not the ram anyway since it came from the other computer and was working fine.

    Anyway, my computer managed to last a couple of days without crashing but a moment ago it did.
    I was unable to check the temp of the psu physically, though, because my daughter is currently asleep on my lap. I'll have to check that another time.

    When windows rebooted, it gave me this error report:
    BCCode : ea BCP1 : 89046DA8 BCP2 : 89B71858 BCP3 : 89AA4948
    BCP4 : 00000001 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 256_1

    I have no idea what it means, but I've been getting the code ea since it started crashing (since the new hardware).

    So Its either the PSU or the mainboard. But since I was running the system with a 3200 cpu, 7600gt agp card, one hdd and a gigabyte board with this very same psu and not getting any issues I find it hard to believe it would suddenly cark it because of the new hardware.

    That said, the reason I bought the new hardware was because I had a spark and my computer died... but it wasn't the psu that died, it was the mainboard.

    So I'm thinking it's the asus m2v that's having issues?
    Seriously though I'm clueless. I'm almost at the point where I just write the mainboard off as a loss and buy a new gigabyte.

    Help me :D
  8. Is there any chance you can use a different PSU? I remember someone here on the forums that I think had a similar issues and it ended up being the PSU not being able to hold a steady voltage. Not sure if that is your problem, but when the computer just freezes and reboots right away tends to lend towards CPU/PSU issues. Just a thought.
  9. Thanks for the reply :)

    I have an old psu here... it might only be 300 or 400 watts but I can try it.

    I think the only problem is that I never know when the crash will occur so I might be waiting a few days before it happens again! Makes it hard to pinpoint the problem :D
  10. so, its random? have you tried running anything taxing on your machine and seeing if that makes it happen more frequently
  11. Hey guys..

    I just had a look inside and the old psu won't work because of the layout of the mainboard. It's rather stupid to be honest. The only way I could do it is if I had the power cable going right on top of the cpu fan and I didn't really want to have it there. Also this mainboard has a 24pin power plug and the old psu only has 20pin.

    spuddyt, I haven't noticed any pattern to it so far. It used to crash a bit while using firefox but that was with the asus card and I think those crashes were to do with the atkdisp dll file and unrelated to this crashing... i think. It's crashed twice while playing mp3's.

    While I was playing with my box *cough* I did note that the psu was perfectly cool. That said I shut the computer down myself so I wasn't checking the temp straight after a crash or anything.

    Ok a couple of stupid questions:

    1. Doesit matter that I had my two sticks of ram, in slots b1 and b2? At any rate I moved them to a1 and a2.

    2. When the mainboard has the separate 24pin power slot and the 4pin power slot, do you plug in both the 24pin and 4 pin cables? The reason I ask is because my old gigabyte board had both but you were only supposed to plug a 20pin cable into the power slot or the board would go to buggery.
    I currently have 24pin and 4pin power cables plugged in.

    3. Why does bios and memcheck say I have an Athlon 64 xt 2500mhz when I have 4800?

    I think that's it for now :D
  12. Oh also, spuddyt, I haven't had the time to play games since my daughter was born so the most taxing thing I've had running is probably photoshop, the browser and mail client at once. And maybe another couple of little programs.

    Since I upated bios I'm pretty sure its on default settings as well. The bios is diffrerent to what i'm used to though, there aren't as many options as I'm used to seeing in there.
  13. Okay I think you might have a mobo issue(s). If you were to use all of the current parts in the old setup, would you have any issues? I'm guessing you wouldn't. If that is the case, than your mobo is causing the issue(s). You could have a cold solder joint somewhere on the mobo that wouldn't be detected very well and would normally work fine, but in certain conditions (things warm up a bit) the joint would fail and cause your mobo to crash. I'm not saying that this is for sure, but it is an extreme possibility. If you got your mobo recently and can still return it, I would consider it. It might not cost you much and would definately be cheaper to do than buying a new mobo outright.
    Another thought is that you have a virus on your system, but not sure what the likelyhood of that being the case. Only virus/spam scans can possibly rule it out.

    My 2cp's
  14. I'm guessing I wouldn't too because it would only be a graphics card and new cpu that i'd be putting in the old system.

    I don't think there is a virus. I have avg anti virus and spyware running and I did a scan on the system earlier on...
    I'll do another one for good measure.

    I should take the mainboard back. Thing is I already had to take the graphics card back because of the atkdisp.dll driver issues with the asus brand, so they will probably think I'm just an idiot or something and will want to check the system. But I don't want to pay them a million dollars to check it when I know I've assembled it correctly.

    Plus, they only sell asus boards there and to be honest I'm kind of annoyed at asus by this stage :D
    I might just write it off as a loss and buy a gigabyte board from another store. I'm a moron for skimping on the mainboard in the first place.

    Thanks for all the help :)
  15. Don't fret. You could take it back and tell them that you are experiencing random reboots every day or two. Maybe (if there a good firm) they will test it themselves and/or exchange it for another mobo (for no charge). I wouldn't be too concerned if you got another one in exchange, because you may have just got a lemon :( I know all of this is making you ILL!!! I don't like to have to work on something that SHOULD be okay right out of the box. Glad to see a mom trying to work out the issue, instead of just calling it junk and taking it out on those involved :)
  16. Hehe I'm trying not to fret. It could be worse I guess, I could be getting crashes every five minutes. Now that would be annoying! ;)
    I'm fairly patient when it comes to computers and enjoy fiddling with them for the most part, it's only when I know I've done everything right and they aren't working that I get frustrated.
    My husband on the other hand has no patience for a dodgy computer whatsoever!

    I've read on the net that the m2v has overheating issues, so maybe that's what it is. God knows.

    I'll have to see what the stores policy on returns is. I have a feeling it may be something ridiculous like a 7day policy, in which case I'm out of luck.

    I'm just glad it was only a $90aud mainboard that stuffed up and not something more expensive.
    That's if it IS the mainboard haha. *sigh*

    Thanks again for all your help. :)
  17. Good luck with it. Call them on the phone and ask them if they will look at it for free, since you bought it not too long ago. Calling will be easier for you than if you had to go to the store, since you have a little one there to worry about.
  18. Sorry for bumping this, but i figure it's easier than making a new thread. :)

    Well a while back I returned the asus card and got a gigabyte equivalent. I then had to swap it with my hubbie's 7900gt because it was dying on him during his games and since I'm unable to game at the moment I figured he may as well use the newer card.

    So I've been using the 7900gt and apart from the weird pixellations and being unable to watch videos properly, it was working like a charm ;)
    Anyhoo, I just purchased him an 8800gts and decided to put the 8500 back into my machine.
    Since doing so, yesterday, I've had about three computer hangs. So far no blue screen, but I have had that stupid freeze and beep when I click the mouse. I've also come into the room to find the computer in sleep mode unable to be err... unsleeped.

    So... is this an issue with the 8 series, or an issue with the 8 series and the stupid m2v board I bought?
    Should I just bite the bullet and buy a new board. Goddamn it I don't want to reformat again. *sigh*

    Cheers :)
  19. lol. ur problem seem pretty complicated. i read the whole thing n i couldnt figure out what exactly the problem is. my concern is.

    7900GT is strong card, n i dont know why it is not performing well!

    and it is obvious ur problem is from the 8500GT, the issue probably with the graphics card. (im not sure if the graphic card and mobo are conflicting)

    try using that 8500GT in other PCs n c how it works. if it goes fine. then it has no problem, which brings u back to ur motherboard.
  20. Well not sure if it's the 8800gts, since it woud use the same video drivers as the 7900gt (I think). I'm not sure your current PSU can handle that 8800gts. I think you said you had a 450w Cooler Master one. Don't see that you mentioned getting a newer PSU, so that is still a possiblility. One thing you can do, I know it's a pain, is to take everything out of the case and put it onto a NON-conductive surface, like a piece of cardboard. Hook everything back up. You can then test your system for any more issues. If you still have problems, than we can rule out that the possibility of the mobo being shorted out to the case frame somewhere. Just helped someone just 2 days ago, by having them do this and they found out that they had put too many standoffs under the mobo and was creating havoc on their system. Not saying that is your problem, but it won't hurt to try it and see if that helps at all.
    Did you find out your return policy on your mobo?
  21. My guess would be the 8500GT is overheating or is otherwise flaky. If a 7900GT works, it probably isn't the PSU.
    @night wolf, the 7900GT was her husband's card but is apparently dying (hence the pixelation).
  22. Sorry, let me clarify for a sec.

    The 8800gts is for my hubbies computer (which is much better than mine). I'm not using it at all so just forget I mentioned it :)

    I gave my husband the offending 8500gt temporarily because his 7900gt was going all glitchy and he wanted to play his games.

    While I was using his 7900gt I had no issues, apart from glitchy graphics because I think the card is dying. Not sure why as it's supposed to be a good card but perhaps it overheated in my husbands computer?

    Anyway... when I bought him the new 8800gts, I took my 8500gt back. Since putting it back in my computer I got the beepy crashy freezy issue a couple of times. So I figure its either the card or the card and motherboard conflicting.
    I'm assuming the latter since my husband had no issues when the 8500gt was in his machine.

    Does that make more sense? :D

    Lunyone, I didn't actually find out the return policy on my mb. I took the original Asus card and swapped it for a Gigabyte one. I didn't want to push my luck and ask them to switch the mainboard too :( I guess I was worried they would think I was some stupid female who knew nothing about computers and would be rude to me. I'm a scaredy cat I know. But I figure its only a $95 mainboard and I should have known better in the first place than to buy such a low end piece of crap. So more fool me.

    If the problem does keep happening then I will probably just buy a new mainboard.
    I'll have to reinstall windows if I get a new mainboard won't i? *sigh*

    Edit: I forgot to ask, could it be because the 8 series are still new and are maybe glitchy with certain systems?
  23. Zordana said:
    Sorry, let me clarify for a sec.

    The 8800gts is for my hubbies computer (which is much better than mine). I'm not using it at all so just forget I mentioned it :)

    I gave my husband the offending 8500gt temporarily because his 7900gt was going all glitchy and he wanted to play his games.

    im not the smartest one here. but let me help. lol.

    while the 8500GT was in ur hubby's pc it didnt act up? and u actually already changed the asus 8500GT to gigabyte 8500GT? if both of the answers are yes.

    then ill say what the others said, try to do the bare-bone testing for your system. it might fix ur problems. IF NOT, to me, it sounds that the mobo and graphics card having some issues between them.

    im not sure if updating ur bios will help or not. maybe someone will read my post n tell u if it is helpful or not.
  24. More than likely your mobo is the issues somehow, wether it's a driver (not likely) or hardware (which I suspect). If the 8500gt worked fine in your hubby's than I'm betting something in your setup is not right (mobo more than likely). The fact that the 8500gt worked fine in his setup tells me it's not the GPU. Their are other factors, so I suggested pulling everything out of your case and doing a "caseless" test to rule out any shorting that may be occurring on your mobo. Besides that test, I would probably consider a new mobo, which is why I was wondering what your return policy is on the mobo. If you have to send it to the OEM than that is what you might have to do. I know you'll be without your system for a few weeks, but if anyone along the way questions you, you can relay all of your testing that you've done and they should probably fall on the floor! Most females don't know squat about computers, so armed with your tests and information will put a bullet into their thoughts about what you are knowledgeable about. So hopefully you can convince the shop where you bought the mobo from that you have a faulty one (after doing the caseless test) and they will do the right thing and just exchange it for you. After all of the work that you've done so far, that would be the least that I'd expect from a reputable shop would do. If they don't, you should still be able to ship the mobo to the manufacturer and get it fixed or get an exchange. Asus is a top brand and should ablige you with a replacement mobo at the least.
  25. Heya, sorry for bumping this but I just wanted to let you know I ended up replacing my mainboard with a decent one and the problem has been solved.

    I'm still not even sure what was actually wrong with the other mainboard after all this, but who cares heh.

    Thanks for all your help, guys :)

    Oh and I just realised this whole time I've been referring to my card as the 8500 and its actually an 8600. Hahaha baby brain.
  26. Well good to hear that. Which board did you end up getting?
  27. M56S-S3 :)

    I decided not to bother with sli, since having my daughter I don't have much time to game so there's really no point.
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