Hung up !

I made it all of the way to formating my hard drive and then my help ended. I keep getting e-mails tp pick the best
answere given to me, just as it looked like we were going to solve the issue it was the end of my help. How do I pick
the best answere when I still have an unresolved issue? My help got me to a point that some of the advise was working and I have been hung up every since with no following steps to finish.
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  1. I definately needed the help to get this far, now I do not know how to add my full version XP as a duel
    boot system with Vista already installed on my Acer Aspire laptop. My computer is a Acer Aspire 5810TZ
    with Vista Home Premium already installed on it. I have been unsuccessful in removing Vista, so now I
    am trying to add XP Home Edition to the system. Really need some help.
  2. you need to partition disk for dual boot.
  3. verbalizer said:
    you need to partition disk for dual boot.

    Not exactly sure how to do this, I want to install Xp, and then use Xp to remove Vista.
    I could use some feed back on how to do this, I will get the exact info on my system all
    available space to be used. Thank you for your response.
  4. Just insert the xp disk and tell the unit to boot to the disk and not the HDD
    that should start the install process, look for message "press any key to boot from cd" or something to that effect; press space bar..
    then in advanced options you want to format and join whatever existing partitions that are there..

    Uninstalling Vista If You Bought a New Computer with Windows Vista Preloaded

    If you have purchased a new computer and Vista came preloaded, you can still uninstall it off your drive and replace it with an operating system of your choice. If you plan on uninstalling Vista and replacing it with Windows XP, the process will be pretty much the same as the preceding scenario. You will first remove Vista from your hard drive, then reformat your hard drive, and finally install Windows XP on your hard drive. To accomplish this task, you will need your Window XP installation CD. You will also need to create an MS-DOS boot CD. You can download an MS-DOS boot CD from the following site:
  5. My issue is how to get windows xp on my Acer aspire computer. It came with Vista pre-installed and so far no
    ones answeres gets me from start to finish. I need some one to see what status my computer is in, I can give exact
    details if anyone is up to the challenge. I have a (c:) an (A:) and a (Z:) drive. A and Z have already been formated
    but I can't get the computer to let me install XP on another Drive. The smallest use able drive is at least 10GB and
    that should be sufficient to install XP on, if I am not mistaken. Some how the computer always says, that there is a
    newer OS and will not allow me to continue, reguardless of what drive I trying to use! I think the full version of windows xp is 32bit and the vista 64, can this cause a continuous problem reguardless of the drive that I am trying
    to use. Thank you for the help....
  6. I was told earlier that you could install xp on one drive and then wipe vista off using
    Xp did I misunderstand what I was told?
  7. question, why all these partitions, how many do you have and what exactly are you trying to do with them.?
    can you not just wipe the entire disk and not have any partitions.?
    i do not understand.?
  8. I was told by another individual to set up a duel boot system, I was told alot of stuff, all I want to do is rid myself
    of vista and so far nothing works. I am not a rocket scientist, and there are so many cotton picking steps. I have been trying to get rid of this headache for six month's, and it hasn't happened yet! Everyone has an idea, so far I get a step one from one person, step two of another proceedure, that does not work with step one of the first proceedure. I do not need so many of anything just one "GOOD PLAN THAT WILL WORK! " Thank you for your questions.
  9. look.
    just get a windows disk, I prefer windows 7.
    insert disk into drive and then have the unit boot to the disk.
    in the advanced install options is a section for formatting and partitioning.
    clear all partitions and make disk whole....
    then just perform an install of one OS.
    just make it easy on yourself..

    boot into the main OS.
    then download and install a partition manger program.
    use the program to wipe or join (just manipulate) partitions.
    then configure the way you would like.

    these are the only two options. if option number two doesn't work then option one is the only way..
  10. Computer Acer Aspire 5810TZ-4238
    OS Windows Vista Home Premium
    Service Pack 2
    Processor: Genuine Intel(R) CPU U2700 @ 1.30 GHz 1.30 GHz
    Memory (RAM): 4.00 GB
    System type: 64-bit Operating System

    Hard Disk Drives (3)
    Local Disk (A:) Capacity: 11.7 GB, File system NTFS (Default), Allocation unit size, 4096 bytes
    Acer (C:) 208 GB
    Local Disk (Z:) Capacity: 78.0 GB, File system NTFS (Default), Allocation unit size, 4096 bytes
    Devices with Removable Storage (1)
    DVD RW Drive (D:) CD Drive

    Drive (A:) and (Z:) were not QUICK FORMATED, formatting took at least 25 minutes to do on
    Drive (Z:) and about 12 minutes on Drive (A:).

    My main question is, “How, do you use, Vista to install XP on another drive?”
    My next question is, can I do the above mentioned process? I am using a full version of
    Windows XP with License.
    My final question, is there a somewhat easy process that I can do?
    Thank you.
  11. Just in case your wondering why I keep trying to go to XP, its because all of my
    manuals are xp, I am a heart attack patient with learning disabilities and windows
    xp I can comprehend manuals and I am familar with this program. Thank you for
    your help. If you can no longer help me I understand.
  12. i understand.
    like i said, you should just use the windows xp and wipe the entire disk and just use xp.

    First, three points:

    1.) No, you do not have to format both partitions, only the one (C: ) in order to remove Vista and install XP. Ideally you would want to leave the second partition alone.

    2.) That bring me to point number two: If this is an OEM "recovery system" then you may not have the ability to reformat just one may wipe the entire drive. Thus, I'd double-check what copy of Windows XP you have.

    3.) Finally, since you only have one OS installed, Vista, you cannot use Computer Management to format the C:\ can't use the OS to destroy the OS. You can, however, format the drive by using either your Vista or XP CD.

    In short, I would insert my Windows XP CD and tell it to proceed with installing Windows XP. At the point where you can create and delete partitions, I would delete C:\ and then create a new partition from the unpartitioned space. Tell it you want to install Vista on that partition, and choose the formatting option you prefer. (I would just do a quick NTFS format.) Proceed with the installation and setup and you should be fine. Just make sure that you have backed up all of your important files to another hard drive, CD/DVDs, etc before doing do not want to risk the loss of your all of your data.
  13. Is it possible to install windows xp on the (A:) it looks to have enough space? I have tryed the simple install,
    the cd gets shut down because it says there is a newer OS and will not let it continue. I want to thank you for your quick responce.
  14. format the drive first before you attempt to install.......
    format and combine all drives (partitions), then install fresh.
  15. Could you possible give me the steps, so I will not mess up? I know how to get to the formating window,but
    how do I select the (A:) drive to install XP on it? This is where I keep messing up the vista process throws me a
    curve ball everytime! It will allow me to highlight drive (A:), but I do not know how to get it to install on the newly
    formated drive. Thank you for any steps, that will stop me from making a mistake. I will follow your notes to the letter!
  16. there isn't an A drive to install on.
    it's usually C drive first and then D drive for the first partitioned part..
  17. I noticed it says, youngster, I am actually 53 years old.
  18. The vista, stops anything trying to overide it, how to I go to the drive setup you were mentioning?
  19. When I actually go to the (C:) the computer says you are denied this system
    you are using can not be wiped.
  20. that's interesting..
  21. I went to the link you mentioned, and the I do not understand how I am suppose to
    know how this will show me how to install on anotyer drive
  22. I'm starting to think that you need to take it to a shop and have them do it...
    question, this is one HDD, how big is it and how many partitions are on it currently.?
  23. The exact message said, You cannot format this volume
    It contains the version of Windows that you are using.
    Formatting this volume could cause your computer to stop working.
    Then it showed a link: Formatting disks and drives FAQ

    Then it gives me an OK button to click
  24. doesn't it let you to proceed anyways.? an option too.?
  25. Best Buy the geek squad said, they would be more than glad to put this xp on
    my computer for $214.00, the xp program and all acer driver that will funtion with
    xp cost me $140.00, for the program and custom download of special drivers. I can't
    seem to win!
  26. The computer will but from the cd it says to press any key to continue and then
    it shows the files being loaded and then it goes blue screen on me. It says an error
    occured and windows shut down to prevent any damage to my computer.
  27. I had Microsoft check the cd and they said that is was the full version with service
    pack two and with a valid license, I do not know what to do about this headache!

    I have a USB 2.0/eSATA DESKTOP HDD DOCK, do you think it would be easier to remove the hardrive and reformat the drive using my wifes desktop? Could I have
    motherboard issues as well?
  28. Ericuhl said:
    The computer will but from the cd it says to press any key to continue and then
    it shows the files being loaded and then it goes blue screen on me. It says an error
    occured and windows shut down to prevent any damage to my computer.

    that could be a hardware issue.....
    bad HDD or RAM is a possibility.
  29. It only takes about 10 minutes to remove the drive from my laptop. Do you know
    the way to use another computer to do this, desktop is xp, laptop vista as you know.
  30. verbalizer said:
    that could be a hardware issue.....
    bad HDD or RAM is a possibility.

    The computer is about three months old, and I just had a test on the HDD and it said that is was working
  31. motherboard maybe even run a memtest..
  32. I ran a memtest and test said all is well with no errors!
    Thank you for your suggestion.
  33. this is crazy.
    let me read this thread again and get a fresh approach..
  34. The test said, if you dont come up with any errors at the end of the
    test that all is well. The RAM is working correctly and handling the data
    just fine.
  35. This crazy Vista has throw me another curve ball, it shows:

    NTLDR is missing, so I ran my three restore disc's and I am also getting,
    WIMAPPLY Image fail. Error: 0x70
    What is all this crazyness?
  36. On the NTLDR is missing area, It tells me to Press Ctrl +Alt + Del to restart and
    all it does is return to the same screen again. Thank you for any assistance with this
    new headache.
  37. I was just sitting here trying to recall as much as possible, on the Wimapply issue every
    restoration disc loaded with out issues except, the third disc, it loaded three quarters of the way maybe a little further. The third disc finishes rather quickly, and then the error window appears.This is really strange, I can still access the setup menu F2 and still the F12 Boot menu, what I do not understand is how can all of that be there and no Bootup ability.
  38. Signing off, I guess I have made a mess, thank you for the help.
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