Dell C521 Video card upgrade ?

My brother just got that computer but i see that is a small tower and the bay to put a pcie 16x card in there is just too small its like 3,5 inch large, normal card wont fit in there, is it the low profile card i need ? If yes still the low profile video card are less larger but the *braket* to fit it, is like the normal one, can i cut that and fit in there or it come with a lower *braket* ?
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  1. Having to use a low profile card greatly limits your choices.

    One of your best bets currently for a low profile card is the Sapphire X1300 Pro.

    I have a C521 that needs faster video hardware but I'll probably wait a little longer to see if something faster comes out in low profile.
  2. Your PSU is probably going to limit your choices even if you can fit a full size card.Don't expect amazing results from a 1300 series.
  3. After reading these comments related to the Dell C521. I own a Dell C521 & agree the on-board graphics are yuck!
    Aren't ALL on-board graphics yuck? Fine if you just need for work. But as far are the Leadtek 7600Gs being your best bet, I disagree. It is true that this machine is housed in a slim BTX case, with a small power supply, which limits the type of add-in video cards you can opt for. Both physically and electrically.
    I decided to drop in an ATI X1300pro 256 Mb DDR3 (from Dell). I was pleasantly surprised at it's performance. With a 600Mhz GPU core and 400 Mhz Ram it is very respectable for a low profile graphics card. Does a good job in Xp or Vista.
    In fact I looked at the 7600GS and it appears lack-lustre in comparison to the X1300 pro. My recommendation: Don't be afraid to try the Dell ATI X1300pro. You may pay a little more, but you know, it fits, it works, surprisingly well too.

    Tx. this has been my opinion.
  4. My Dell E510 with only 300Watt PSU is work well with X1300, Geforce 8500GT and ATI HD3870 (already 3 months la), so don't worry about that but I think HD3870 is the maximum for Dell E / C series computer. If unfortunately your PSU will efficiency less than 85% you would be maximum available to use HD3850.
  5. The C521 has a 280w psu @ 18-19amps
    The E510 has 22amps
    Some people run E520 and 521's with a 8800GT (but I wouldn't)
  6. will this fit in my C521 slim case?

    Sapphire RADEON HD 3870 (512 MB) PCI-E Graphics Card
  7. Hello all,
    I just recently purchased an ATI Radeo x1300 Pro to put into my Dell C521. However, I cannot seem to get it work. I am running Vista. I downloaded the most recent drivers from ATI and it still does not work. Sometimes the machine wil not boot up at all and sometimes it will. Whenever it does boot up, the colors and resolution are all messed up. Also, there are lines thru everything. I am thinking that this is just a bad card? Any Ideas?
  8. I had the same problem with a ATI Radeon X1300 on a Vista machine. It would not show an image at all after I installed it, even with the latest drivers. I switched back to onboard video and troubleshooted but never got it to work. So I left it in and went back to onboard video with the intention of getting a new video card. What was odd though, is after a few days, all of a sudden it the display was blank after a reboot and I had to use the X1300 to get an image! But then it showed problems with the card and I could not get it to display correctly and it showed as having problems in device manager. So I replaced it with a Galaxy NVidia GeForce 7200 GS.

    Now I keep getting driver stopped errors when working with the built in picture editor! I found a work around so I just chalk it up to Vista quirks. From what I have read, noone seems to know exactly what is wrong because this happens with all kinds of graphics cards from different manufacturers.
  9. I stuck an MSI 8600GT in my c521 & it is awesome - plays Battlefield: Bad Company 2 fine & the new Medal of Honor Beta flies!

    Gonna try either a Sparkle 9500GT with a gig, or ASUS HD4650, gig of RAM also. I might just need a new PSU with the Radeon, but I'm gonna try it out anyway. :P
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