Display stops responding with xfx 7300 gt


I've purchased "XFX Geforce 7300 GT 256MB DDR2 AGP" 2 days ago.My system configuration is as below,

Mother Board : Intel D865GBF
Processor : Intel Genuine 2.6C HT
Memory : 256MB DDR (400 MHz) (2 Rams) =512 MB Total Memory
VGA : XFX Geforce 7300 Gt 256MB DDR2 AGP.
OS: Microsoft Windows XP 32bit Professional

the 7300 GT is working well with my system, but when i start the "Need for speed most wanted" then after loading or creating new profiles the game halts and after some time a message appears that "Display Driver stops responding" nv4_disp error. I don't know why is it happening, because i've played this game before and it worked well with my "Asus Geforce FX5200 V9520 128MB AGP". But now i've upgraded my Graphics card and all the other configuration is same but game is not running, same error is coming on "Ghost Recon 2" on loading mission.

I've also updated my drivers of VGA to "v162.18" but problem is same
I don't know why is this occuring, whether my card is wrong or compatibility problem or driver problem.

Please anybody help me for this issue.


Azeem Ijaz
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  1. hi
  2. driver error I believe. download driver cleaner pro and the older nvidia drivers(not the beta ones). Uninstall your nvidia drivers in add/remove programs, reboot. Run driver cleaner pro, remove all nvidia drivers, run it for ati if you ever used ati on your comp, reboot. Install nvidia drivers, reboot and play your games :).
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