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there is no security center found on my administrative tool of my loptop. what could be the reason?
how can i return it back?
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  1. This is acaully a simple problem (Though WHY on earth would someone acually WANT secrurity center when all it does is whine when you dont have what it wants you to have, and you can manually download updates lol ;a)). And im assuming you cant find it when it starts up anywhere and it wont warn you if you dont have something it wants you to run running.

    The firstest thing to do is first disable your AV and see if Security freaks, if it does then you have nothing to worry yourself about, if it doesnt follow these instructions!

    Step One:
    Dont panic lol

    Step two:
    Go to Start - Control Panel - Admin Tools - Services

    Step Three:
    Find Security Center and Double Click on it

    Step Four:
    Make sure there is a Path to Executable if not it should be Root:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs

    Step Five:
    Startup type should be enabled as Automatic, and then click start in the service status. Click Apply and it SHOULD work. Restart if it doesnt apply right then.

    If it doesnt show on Services, see if you can download the file. ;a)

    Good Luck!
  2. You can see the Security center in Control panel.
  3. Yes it can also be located in Control Panel... oops Didnt think of that one... Sorry!! lol
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