BIOS setup not loading, faulty mainboard?


I've got an Abit IN9 32X-MAX WiFi nForce 680 built into a new machine. When I start the thing it recognises my CPU, RAM and SATA drives but then gives a CMOS checksum error. When I press DEL to go into the BIOS settings it shows a few lines of text briefly and then goes to a blank screen with just a cursor flashing at the top. If I attempt to install windows the install program refuses to use any of my HDDs because they are not bootable devices, but I cannot get into the BIOS to change any of this! Using the CMOS reset switch does not help.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing the BIOS setup to fail to load like this? I'm using a Core 2 Duo 6750, 4gb of OCZ PC2-6400 RAM and a 700W Seasonic PSU.

Thank you very much for reading my post!
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  1. Try a different keyboard - I'm assuming yours is USB? Maybe a standard (PS/2) one will work.
  2. Remove the battery and short the pins.
    It may work itself out.
    The battery may be low.
    Otherwise you may need to reflash the Bios or use a Bios rescue disk.
  3. Thank you very much for the responses.

    I've managed to get it sorted now, it seems, by flashing the BIOS and removing some of the RAM.

    Just in case anyone else encounters the same problem, this is what I did:

    -Used another PC to download a BIOS update.
    -Put DrDOS and that BIOS update on a floppy.
    -Made a boot CD from the floppy using Nero.
    -Booted the new machine with the CD and flashed the BIOS.
    -Removed half my RAM (was getting BSODs when installing vista).

    Hope Vista will prove worth the hassle...

    Thanks again for the advice!
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