Vista not detecting DVD/CD drive

Ok i've searched thoroughly through these and various other forums for answers, but have found none.

As of recently my DVD/CD drives have disappeared from My Computer under Removable Storage Devices, so all I see are my two HDDs and a floppy drive (by default)

When I first installed Vista a few days ago (NEW RIG) the drives worked fine, so this means that it worked at one point and my BIOS detects it under all the IDE listings. Both drives are IDE and they are set as primary and slave accordingly (Which they had to of been because it worked before).

I'm thinking, maybe after installing the ICH9 drivers for the SATA/IDE controller it might of messed things up so I uninstalled those and it didn't work so I ended up slapping them back on.

It's really a bummer because I bought Crysis today and can't even install it

Here's my rig info if it's any help

Intel Q6600 @ Stock 2.4
2GB Mushkin Enhanced DDR2 800
eVGA 8800GTX
Rosewill 750w PSU
Toshiba or Samsung DVD-RW drive (Don't know which)
Liteon 52x CD-RW

Oh ya and both drives have power and can open/close.

Oh and also I don't see anything under Device Manager that's labelled DVD/CD drives, under the IDE selection it has a bunch of unnamed things but no exclamation points and yellow triangles, none of those, yet.
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  1. I DLed it but it says "This update does not apply to your computer"
  2. Did you dl the wrong version there're two of them one for Vista 64 (x64) and one for 32 (x86).
  3. Try another IDE cable. And check your BIOS options.
  4. I got the 32bit one because my Vista is 32bit, i've tried multiple IDE cables, all which are brand new.
  5. I don't have a mb with ICH9 so I'm not really sure, but IIRC ICH9 also doesn't have an IDE controller built in like its previous generation. So you have to install the appropriate driver to make the IDE chip works. Maybe something went funky after you installed Intel Raid driver. Try reinstall it
    It's the third one in the SATA RAID section (the first one is ok too I guess but the third is more versatile maybe). Also this is for the rev 2.0 mb maybe yours is 1.0 so remember to select it at the top of the page if you have the rev 1.0.
    Previously, I didn't read your post carefully so I thought you use SATA optical drives, sorry.
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