Higher resolution or refresh rate?

I have a 17" CRT monitor capable of 1024x768 @85Hz and 1280x1024 @60Hz.

I have my desktop at 1024x768 @75Hz (because 85Hz seems more fuzzy than 75Hz).

I use a 7900gs (600/1600) and when i started Quake 4 i used 1024x768@75Hz, V-sync on (hate the tearing - only appears with Quake 4 and Doom3) and 4xAA & 8xAF. Everything runs VERY smooth (on rare occasions the rate might drop lightly depending not on action on screen but certain combination of lights). :sol:

I changhed to 1280x1024@60Hz, V-sync on, 2xAA & 8xAF and seem to have the same frame rate as before (shouldn't it be capped at 60 instead of 75 now? I see no difference) only now if i look closely there are a little less jaggies (i suppose that comes naturally). :bounce:
So, it seems to me as same performance, less jaggies...

My question is: is it good for my eyes to game at 60Hz? Please don't tell me to change monitor for now. :whistle:
Although my first settings have lower resolution, can the image be better deep down because of the higher refresh rate (75Hz)? Or does that have nothing to do with that?
And i suppose that whatever settings you advise me to use, i will use for all other games as well.
So what do you think?
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  1. Try 1152 X 864 i know its a weird res but its stuck right in the middle!! and u can play it at 75 hz as my old 17" crt could do 75 hz yea 60hz is painful!! how can u survive!?!
  2. CRT's have a problem... At the frequency of the input power, they tend to cause 'strobing' which will lead to eye fatigue. A fast camera will capture this effect. Flourescent lights exacerbate this effect, but even incandescants (sp?, can't be bothered to look it up) will affect your eyes.

    For CRT's, i'd avoid this if at all possible.
  3. So, what i get until now is that i should revert back to my original settings? Meaning that good refresh rate has priority over higher resolutions?
  4. Low res = bad for your eyes (subjectively)
    Low refresh rate = very bad for your eyes (literally)

    Low refresh rates will lead to eye strain, headaches and just not a good gaming experience. It's particularly bad in bright areas, just try looking at a white screen @85Hz then switch to 60Hz and you will start squinting :lol:
  5. Yeah, i know what you mean, i can't really stand a 60Hz desktop for long, i just didn't know if it's as bad when gaming, meaning since it's not static images it might not have the same bad effect to your eyes.
    But from what i understand i should revert back to gaming at 1024x768@75Hz, right? (more jaggies... damn!)
  6. Or get a new monitor :whistle:
  7. CRT at 1280x960 = 72Hz :)
  8. side question: are there gonna be LCDs that support a higher refresh rate at high resolutions?
  9. I would go for 85hz, anything less and I can't stand it. I like 1024x768, but my monitor will support 1600x1200.
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