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Hi guys,

Im recently being task to do a survey for the company with over few hundred head counts. I realise that this is going to be troublesome if i were to print out the surveys for the individual department and had them to fill it up and return it back to me. It would be easier if things can be done on my PC and i can distribute them through intranet.

So the thing is that the survey is not a standard multiple choice question, but they are allowed to choose more than 1 answer for the questions. There is also this question that they have to rank the importance of the 5 choices listed for them. So i have to check which option shines out than the rest.

Im wondering if there's any solution for me to efficiently handle the surveys and the results. Im not programming savvy at all. Therefore, HELP ME GUYS!! I just got this *dang* this morning and i need it to be done before thursday!! =( god....
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  1. I've seen my company use Survey Monkey which just hosts a survey you create through their site. Never set a survey up personally so I can't say one way or the other if it does precisely what you need from it.
  2. Thought of it before, but i've used survey monkey during my schooling days few years back. Apparently it doesnt have the tabulating functions. =(
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