Best application to back up external hard drive to a redundancy drive?

I use an SSD as just for my operating system and my programs and i use a western digital external hard drive to store my ever growing music and movie collection as well as some important documents. Well i have a second drive that i want to use as a redundancy drive which i want to be able to use for back ups about twice a month to be stored in a safe just in case my western digital dies or some other event happens. Well the problem that i run into is that the programs i have tried only want to back up my c drive which has just the OS and the programs on it. Its also very annoying to just copy and paste the whole drive on to the redundancy as it doesn't replace the old files so i have two copies of my songs and movies. Is there a program out there that will back up from my e drive to a f drive?
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  1. Nevermind, i did some more digging and found the program that I needed, for anyone else wondering i just used syncback. it seems like when i do the back up it will skip the files already on the drive as in only the new files will be added
  2. Syncback is likely a derivative of Rsync which is what I was going to recommend to you anyway!

    Glad you found what you're looking for.
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