Raid5 Controller not grouping drives correctly, need help please

after a reboot my sil3114 raid 5 pci controller decided it didn't want to group all the drives connected to the card correctly.

during boot I have to disconnect the drives in order to boot to windows, once in windows I connect them to to card right click my computer in xp and manage. Once in the manage drives section i select the drive that corresponds to my raid5 array and reactive it, then all is well.

however the drive does not appear now, using the sataraid5 windows utility it has 2 of the drives in bright green identified at parity raid (raid5) and 1 drive in a dark green listed as legacy spare. I tried to correct the problem by selecting "convert legacy spare" from the drop down menu, but all it did was make it a "global" spare.

during boot the bios (recently updated) lists all 3 drives, but only list 2 of them in the raid5 set.

what can I do to correctly group these drives.


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  1. There is an option to delete the global spare in the sataraid5 windows utility.

    not sure what this will do though, any ideas ?
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