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How to undo a video card update

Hello, yesterday there was a popup on my laptop for a video card driver update and my daughter agreed to update. Now today my laptop has random black screen issues.
I need to know how to undo the last video card driver update.
It's a Dell laptop with Vista. Thanks.
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    Go to the start button at the bottom of your screen - then go Control Panel - Device Manager - expand the Display Adapters tree and select your video card - double click it with the mouse - go to driver tab and select roll back driver.
  2. Thanks for responding.
    I followed your instructions, but the rollback driver button is grayed out.
    Any suggestions?
  3. Then you'll need to instead go to the Dell website (or Nvidia or ATI - depending on which video card is installed) and download the older version from there (or can trry the new version again if you think it may just not have installed properly the first time) -- After doing that go back into the device and uninstall the video driver (same place that rollback driver is located) - this will remove the driver that is not working properly (windows will substitute a generic vga driver to boot with) then reboot and install the driver you downloaded.

    Or as an alternative you could use system restore to restore your system to a date (depending on the last time it saved a new restore point) before the update to the video driver (this will reset all of your system files to what they were at that date\time so will revert you to the older video driver as well - since the restore point saves a copy of the system drivers at that point in time in case you need to revert back to it due to a system change that goes wrong - like you are experiencing) -- (to get to system restore just type system restore into the start search box on the start menu and then select it at the top of the list under the programs section) -- Note : this process does take a several minutes so do not be alarmed if it seems to be taking some time !
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  5. Thanks so much JDFan
  6. I don't need to ask a question, but had a similar problem.

    My operating system is Windows Vista.

    My son was playing his COD. He got a pop up telling him he needed to upgrade his graphics card. He clicked on it. I tried to play my game the next day, and the graphics were messed up. The graphics were also messed up on his game. After much of trying to figure out how to fix the problem. I looked at my computer for a second, went to the uninstall, and found the problem. I have an Ati graphics card. AMD catalist had installed on my computer on the day in quesion. I removed it from the computer, and the games were back to normal.
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