Help me find a suitable laptop hard disk


for my PC i'm looking for a laptop hard drive. The requirements are (most important first):

* Cheap; low budget
* laptop 2.5" format
* Decent quality
* 20GB is enough
* SATA interface
* silent, although my guess is that all laptop drives are silent..

your expert advice please!
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  1. Watch for deals in Belgium. If speed is important you will want 7200rpm. Noise will not be a issue in a desktop.
  2. I need brands, types.. speed is not important.
  3. I don't think there is any SATA harddrives smaller than 60GB.
    For the brand, I recommend Seagate and Western Digital. Samsung is a cheaper choice, although it's a little bit risky, personally speaking.
    When it comes to harddrives, nothing is more important than stability and reliability, so be sure to buy one well-esteemed.
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