Firefox 11 disabled the drop down menu

Firefox upgraded to v 11 last night and in doing so it disabled the drop down menu and also the feature where it brings up previous web sites when you start typing an address into the address bar. no other changes were made. Also, it functions fine under another log in that has limited access. the problem only exist under the log in it was installed under which has admin rights. i have tried disabling hardware acceleration, disabling the menu shadow effects, starting in safe mode, and disabling all add ins and themes manually as well, with no results. I did restart firefox after each option was tried. this is a minor feature, but annoying none the less, please help.
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  1. do i need to post any additional info to help solve this? I'm running win XP with all updates, zonealarm, antivir, and spybot. does anyone need any other info to help me with this?
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