Shuttle (microATX) vs mid-tower (ATX)

Hey everyone,
I need a new computer for multimedia editing and some gaming. I want it to be pretty much silent. Also, I will be needing to move the computer between two different homes about once a month, so it needs to be somewhat portable (small enough to be carried by hand, yet larger enough for 2xDVD drives/2xHDD/PCI card/ and PCIe GFX card).

Could you people help explain the differences between, advantages, disadvantages of a shuttle sized pc (micro) and a mid-tower pc (atx)?

I guess the biggest problem with shuttle pcs is the limited expandability, right? But they are much more portable (most have a handle?

On the other hand, mid-tower pcs offer great expandability, but are heavier and larger, making them less portable, correct?

I will need firewire, eSata, and 2 pci slots on the mobo at the least. I will be using a Q6600 G0 and a 500gb HDD.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be great, thanks!
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  1. Shuttles are good, but you can't use high end video cards.
    Usually a problem of the cooler sticking onto the next slot.
    The shuttles as such don't have a handle but come in a box that does.

    I would suggest you get either lian li pc-v350 1&sc_index=1&ss_index=35&type=a
    or lian li pc-v300 &sc_index=1&ss_index=35&type=a

    They have good cooling and accept just about any microATX motherboard as opposed to shuttles. Plus you can get a PSU to fit your requirement as opposed to being stuck with shuttle's.
    Of course, the shuttles are a little smaller.
  2. just so there is no confusion...
    I didn't mean I was looking to buy a shuttle brand pc or anything like that.
    More like, I am looking at either a mid sized tower or a micro or mini tower thing. So the question really comes down to what are the advantages and disavantages between a case and a motherboard that fit ATX vs a case and a motherboard that are microATX.
    --eru, those case are nice, where would u suggest I buy it tho? and what kind of mobo (If i choose to go the micro way.) ?

    thanks again for your input!
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