how much wattage do i need? whats minumum...

ordering this later tonight, i need as much input as possible until then. ALSO, whats a good cpuc ooler if i decide to overclock..(i dont know how yet)

going to get:
Antec p180b case (black)
Intel Q6600 @ 2.4GHz
2x1GB G.Skill PC2 6400 DDR2 SDRAM
GeForce 8800GTS 640mb
250GB 7200rpm 16mb cache HDD by WesternDigital
Gigabyte P35C-DS3R Motherboard

i was going to get this PSU:

saw this:

i need to know what is minimum that my new comp needs in wattage. i will be adding another 2GB of ram probably down the road when i get vista (if i do)

and will that 610W PSU that i linked to you furst, wil that be enough to handle my extra 2GB down the road...

**any suggestions on a CPU Fan too; incase i decide to OC
***i know its a lot but im oprdering tonight and i want to double check. first build/buy ever.
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  1. The 610W should be plenty for what you need, and should easily power any single GPU setup even if the next generation requires a lot more power then current ones.
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