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OK, I bought my machine four years ago, and in computer terms it is prolly out of date. but it has a fast 2.53 processor, 1.5 gigs of ram and 80 gig hard drive. The only problem I may have is my video card. When I bought the machine it said I had this INTEL 82845 intergrated video card, which I thought sounded awesome at the time, but at the time I had trouble playing any games on it all that used graphics. I didn't find out until later that the intergrated chips just suck for anything but office stuff and I would need to get a new one.Now I found out that I have to worry about that the connection may have changed so I cannot just go out and buy one.

My questions are..

1) How do I show my hardware specs so ya'll can see what I have

2) What is the best graphics card I can get for my system that will actually work with my system, or where can I go to get that info?

any help would be appreciated it with my problem, I feel I only need to upgrade my video card and this computer will be perfect for a few more years.
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  1. ok.. how to show?? U must know ur parts in the first place to show us what it is :P

    Anyways u probably have a Pentium Prescott 4 2.53 ghz and AGP slot.

    so what kinda games u looking to play? cause that matters alot!
  2. try getting everest or something like that. it tells you all the info about your pc's hardware you will ever need.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I just want a card that will fit my machine (no matter how old it may be in computer terms) that is rather quick and will give it some power to at least play something in 3d realm. I just bought neverwinter nights 2.. cant play it. I remember I had the first version of total war, couldnt play it (got that when my computer was brand new) homeworld 2.. anything that will play something from this century would be helpful. I will try out the program to pull up my specs later..Thanks for the help
  4. ATI side the 1650Xt may be good enough for you, or a 1950pro. The 1950 will probably last you a little while longer as its a fair bit better than the 1650. The problem with the 1950 card is that its quite power hungry, and unless you have a good psu (which seeing as ur pc is quite old may not be the case) you wont be able to run it. So a PSU change may also be required.

    Nvida side you can go for either the 7600GTS or the 7800GS...dunno if they have any other cards in AGP.

    use this chart to compare the various cards on various games:
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