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ACER aspire 5100 need to reset to factory settings

I have no recovery disk for this computer and I want to reset it to the factory condition, meaning delete everything including this virus that is causing all kinds of crazy things. I have tried f11, alt+f10, holding down zero, typing recovery in start box, and none of that has worked to do anything but get to the microsoft blue screen and boot up. Is there anything else I can do? It makes this ear piercing beep when starting up when I am pressing any of those "f" keys.
Thank you for any help.
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    if there isn't a recovery disk then how about checking for a restore partition on your HDD.

    restart of F2 before windows starts logging on. At the very bottom of the DOS like window, there should be an option and I've forgotten what it states exactly, but if you will move the down arrow to get there, push Enter and you should see a Menu of thing you can ask the machine to do for you. System Restore, current configuration, and what you want. Restore the system to factory specs
  2. another way:
    Enter bios setup, Main, scroll down to D2D,enable. select f10.
    Reboot, select alt+f10.
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