Q6600 w/ G0 Stepping ... p35, 680i or x38?

Hi guys.... brand new here.

I just purchased a Q6600 with g0 stepping off ebay. Which motherboard would you recommend for this chipset?
I would like to go SLI and have DDR3 ram, but that might be asking for too much.... but dont plan on using either right now because its out of my budget.

Is the x38 coming out in a week or two? If it is, I can wait for the new chipset if not then I need to start my build asap.

so... my cpu with go BEST with which mobo?

Thank you all in advance,

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  1. get the foxconn x38 board, i think at the moment it will be the only motherboard that can do both sli and ddr3...
  2. Do we even know when there will be more than one X38 MB? Let alone an Intel X38? Or a revised Intel X38?

    I'm not a fan of first generation motherboards / bleedin edge headaches, I may just prefer to wait, or go with a current board.
  3. A 680i or 650i will give you Nvidia supported Sli, the x38 Foxconn will most likely not have any official support.
  4. agreed ^^^ , also about ddr3 , well they are pretty expensive and according to the reviews , it ISNT a lot better than ddr2
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