need sound card help bad

hello. the other day my microphone input just went dead. vent wouldnt pick up my microphone at all, it would just tell me absolute zero. so i decided to get a sound card. its the sound blaster audigy se. i am still having the same exact problem. its not the headset because i've tried this headset on a differnet computer and the microphone picks up perfect. when i do windows test it doesnt even pick up a sound at all. i have no idea and this is really frustrating. i am pretty sure that everything is set to the right settings, i have been messeing around with this for a few days now.. any help would be very appreciated.. thanks
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  1. Did you disable onboard sound via bios?
  2. yeah
  3. Sounds like you have a corrupted driver issue try this:

    1) Remove all sound drivers under device manager, in safe mode
    2) install directx from microsofts website
    3) install your drivers and goto do an automated driver update
    4) check your mixer panel see that mic is selected and turned up also see that mic boost is checked
    5) if the above does not work uninstall vent and reinstall with newest version i had same problem with vent.
  4. man.. i tried that exact order you just said. didnt change a the test thing in windows where it is supposed to see if your mic can pick up sound, it doesnt even pick up getting really bummed out now
  5. update, i tried reverting back to my onboard and that couldnt pick up a sound beginning to think this may be something more complex, could reinstalling windows help..?
  6. jfresh, man o man, sounds like the same troubles a teamer of mine is having, we use ts and i went through every sound song and dance u can think of and come up with nadda....i had him go into his properties and its not even showing a column for his microphone,,,the audio, video props show his sigmatel audio. now he can hear us on teamspeak, but he cant talk back to us,,,its making me nutz!!! if you find a solution to your troubles, or mine, lol...i would greatly appreciate the input/solution to my homiez troubles:) thanks a bunch! **RAZ**aZOOMIN '71
  7. Sometimes windows picks up drivers, etc. but doesn't set them as a default audio device.

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