3x750GB SATA RAID5 vs Single 300GB SAS Questions!!

Hello, this is my first post on this website. Hopefully I can get some help regarding an issue I'm having with a client.

My company builds custom PCs. I have a customer who needs a high-end dual QuadCore PC. She will be using the system for graphic design, mainly Photoshop CS3 and other 2D graphic programs. The question comes down to hard drive. Should I install 3x750GB Western Digitals in a RAID5 or install a single Seagate 300GB SAS drive?

My instinct tells me that RAID5 is the way to go. Speed, backup, storage size, etc. And I am under the impression SCSI's main benefit is for server type applications such as frequent database read/writes, and should offer little benefit for standard Photoshop use. I can't see any benefits the SAS will offer for this customer. Any thoughts?

Thanks, much appreciated.

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  1. Actually, as long as the datafiles such as the photos, etc are kept on a separate drive (an external drive) and that drive is backed up properly, you should be able to chose either option. Remember the RAID5 should NOT be used in place of a proper backup. Only to guard against hardware failure.

    in the end, it might be more cost effective to go with the 3x750GB Raid5 array, and back up data onto a separate HDD.
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