Windows XP (Service Pack) End of Support

What does end for support for a Windows mean?
As far as I understand it means that updates (even critical) won't be available after that date.
But how about a Service Pack. E.g. Windows XP SP2 deadline is set for 11 July 2010. Will Windows XP owners who have Windows XP SP2 version on a disc be able to successfully activate their copies of Windows after that date ? Thanks. :sarcastic:
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  1. End of support for XP Professional is 2014, not 10 years. It's exactly the same as for XP Home.

    End of support for SP2 is, indeed, 2010. If you want support past then upgrade to SP3. You may get really critical updates after end of support, but that's all. (There is still the occasional critical update for 2000.)
  2. Quote:

    The next time microsoft makes my operating system obsolete,
    I'm going to install Linux.


    Do you realize that means MS will be support Win XP for 13 years?????

    That is simply unheard of for a commercial OS.

    Of course it's your perrogative to run to Linux. I do not really care...
  3. Why wait - why not move to Linux now?
  4. jaguarskx said:
    Do you realize that means MS will be support Win XP for 13 years?????

    That's fine. But what happens next? Shall I move to another OS or I can stay with XP for another few months ? :sarcastic:
  5. You can stay with XP as long as you like (or as long as it supports all your hardware). It's just that you won't get any new features, including device drivers for new hardware, and - after a while - you won't get any security holes fixed.
  6. It means MS will no longer release hotfixes or any other updates for Win XP unless something is extremely critical (if at all).

    You can continue to use Win XP, just like people who continue to use Win 98 to this day. Just don't bother calling them for tech support if you have technical issues.

    Win XP will not become totally obsolete until companies stop writing programs that are compatible with it. That will not happen for a long time 'cause there are people buying Win 7 32-bit.
  7. Not quite true. It's possible to write Windows 7 programs that don't run on XP. Software companies will assume at least Vista more and more as XP enters EOL.
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