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Ok I'm looking to spend around 1k give or take and I'm looking for something that will last me atleast 4 years or is atleast upgradable. Computer should be focused around comp graphics and running 2 of the programs at once. Only need motherboard, ram, video card, case, cooling, stuff like that dont want the sucker to melt on me. Thanks.
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  1. I'd try browsing some of the other threads that where people are asking about builds. Its basically all the same thing as long as the build you're looking into is in about the right price range.

    Good Luck!
  2. Check for a build. Its a bit more expensive than you are looking but should be a decent place to start. If you cut back on the CPU and get one hard drive instead of 2 you should just about be at your budget.

  3. Come on man... You more than anyone giving Xclio a chance? :P You should be ashamed. Anyway I second all of the above except for the PSU, Look for a Corsair 520HX, Antec NeoHE 500/550, Seasonic S12 550W, or Seasonic M12 500W.
  4. What do you have against Xclio? The ball bearing fan alone for the price of $50 says alot about a PSU.
    It's actually a really good PSU for the money, I have one myself and it's been great. I would not have recommended it otherwise, for $50 you can't pick much better, maybe a 430W Forton Source, thats about it.
    Those Seasonics cost $130 and 520HX is $100, quite a difference. And NeonHE... failure rate seems high, still :(
  5. +1 what emp said.
  6. that was a bad batch only on the NeoHE :P and for running a 8800GTS... I wouldn't put my money on a $50 PSU, not even on an FSP $60 unit. Maybe if I was to run a cheaper GPU like X1950Pro or X1950XT, and even then, I would still try to get a good PSU. However I do admit that Xclio GreatPower series are decent to say the least.
  7. I'd never recommend it unless I was 100% sure it was capable of running a 8800 GTS without any problems, and I am since I took a GTS out of my main PC and put it into the secondary one just to make sure, 1Hr of heavy gaming, works flawlessly.
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