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Hi, I just picked up a "new" computer, and by new I mean fairly old, but decent enough for me.

it has 2.8 Ghz P4
524 MB DDR333 RAM

It only has an AGP slot, and the only AGP card available at my local store is the 7600GS, I see it is a reasonably priced card, and was recommended by Tom's hardware as a good card for its price.

However there are 2 versions, the 256 and 512 MB versions. Would there really be much improvement for having an extra 256MB of RAM on the card? The main games I wish to play are Warcraft 3 and BF2, and wouldn't mind playing a few of the newer games, even if it is on low res.

The price here (Australia) is 112 (about 90 dollars US) for the 256, 127 (about 102 dollars US) for the 512.


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  1. The 512 version is with slower memory. Go for the 256 one but see if it is with Gdd3 memory. If not don`t buy nothing and look for card with GDDR3 memory.
  2. The 7600gs isnt powerful enough to use the extra ram and as xciter says you must have gddr3 it is the world of difference
  3. The only AGP 7600 version worth a toss would be a GT such as this :- you will most likely be very disappointed with a GS.
  4. I just bought a few weeks ago a 7600gt for my little bro. That card is pretty impressive. It is the XFX ($50) AGP and can run all games he throws at it at 1024 x 768. Some games in higher res. Right now too, you could buy a 1gb stick of ram for $50 and that will help out too.
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