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Hi everyone, I am a newbie when it comes to the dual core setups. I used to overclock back in the original celeron days. Anyway, I have done a ton of reading about the latest processors and I have decided to set a goal of 3.0ghz or more stable for Photoshop CS3 work. What I wanted was a opinion on what processor to get. I am looking for something that will get me the requirements above without breaking the bank.

Currently the E2xxx series (2180 looks like a good bet) and the E4xxx are on the radar. I know the older E4300 OC'ed like crazy, but I have heard that most people now have issues getting the to 3.0 with the latest build.

What would be the best choice to for OC'ing to 3.0ghz or more out of the e4400, e4500 or e2180?

If all 3 looks good, would the extra money for the E4xxx be worth the extra cash for PhotoShop CS3?
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  1. i'm running a stable 3.0GHz on my e2160 with a Tuniq 120.
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