Excel 2010 "Select destination and press ENTER" feature not working

When I copy a particular cell with text using ctrl+c , the marching ants(animated cell - dotted moving borders) feature does not get activated.It just shows for a fraction of second. Selecting another cell and pressing enter does nothing(as it should paste the text). But ctrl+v is working.

I have checked a lot in Excel Options on how to enable that feature.Can't find it yet :pt1cable: ! Googled a lot about it. Can't find an exact question like this.

This issue arose after connecting a projector to the laptop. Could it be due to some keyboard shortcut used for the projector which could have disabled the feature??

Please help :( !!!!!
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  1. I found this http://www.excelforum.com/excel-2007-help/819895-marching-ants-disappeared-and-forcing-copying-values-only.html

    Repairing worked. But I don't know whether this is a temporary fix as mentioned in the link :pt1cable: !
  2. Yes it was temporary. The bug is back :( ! Please help me fix this weird issue :heink: !!!
  3. Repeatedly pressing Ctrl+C showed a popup "The clipboard cannot be emptied. Another program might be using the clipboard."

    Thanks to this link:


    I disabled the skype addins in IE and restarted the system.

    Issue fixed!! Hurrah :D :bounce: !!!!

    Other links which also helped:


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