Mixed Vista and XP network problem

I have an existing home network which consisted of a desktop running Windows XP, hooked via cat 5 to my combination Speedstream router /gateway, and a Windows XP laptop that connected wirelessly to the same router. The computers recognized each other, were interactive and connected to the internet (DSL is my only choice here).
I recently added a Windows Vista computer to the mix (wired/cat 5) and upgraded the laptop to Vista as well. (3 computers now) The wireless laptop recognizes the Vista desktop and they both connect to the router and the internet. The XP desktop connects to the router and the internet, too. The Vista machines and the XP machines do not recognize each other.
In other words, when looking at the network from the Vista machines, they both show up, as well as, the router. In the XP machine only it and the router are there. At the moment my network is unencrypted. Any ideas why they aren't one big happy family and how to fix it? Thanks.
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  1. Have you enabled File Sharing on the Vista machines?
  2. are they all in the same workgroup?
  3. Do you utilize file sharing and printing? If not, leave it alone. There is no reason for the computers to recognize each other if you are not going to utilize it.

    If you need printer sharing to work, tell us here in the topic. There is a workaround that I know to get XP and Vista printing together.

    If you need file sharing to work. I have not tried it with XP and Vista computers but I'm sure someone in the forum knows how to accomplish it so post it here.
  4. you need the LLTD responder layer for the XP computers to do file and print sharing from vista machines just google for it and install it that should fix the problem
  5. Thanks for all the input. Unfortunately, have developed a bigger problem with the Vista machine that is gonna be needing attention. Thanks again.
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