Disk Boot Failure

I was making room on my hard drive and I accidentally deleted my windows 7 activator/booter file and my computer cannot get past the loading screen. I am attempting to make a bootable cd of windows 7 or vista but have very little knowledge of how to go about doing it. I do not have the original windows OS cd that came with my computer. From what I have read online I can create a bootable CD for Vista, which my computer came with or Windows 7 which I later upgraded to. There are some videos directing me to downloads for entirely new installations which I assume are illegal but I also see others that copy the windows folder from there C drive, add a file and burn that onto a disk. I really need some advice on a way to approach this problem as I have no way of paying for an expert or purchasing a replacement copy of a Windows OS cd.
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  1. press f8 on start up and select "repair your computer" option, then do startup repair
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